For Sale Sea Kayak Sirocco – £495

Hi Folks,

We have for sale two plastic sea kayaks both are Current Designs Sirocco’s.

These sea kayaks are perfect for novice to acti ve intermediate paddlers.  They are 16′ 10 long and 23″ wide and will suit the medium to larger paddler. They perform very well from touring, rock gardening to wild camping trips.

Please see the link for a review.

They are around 5-6 years old, in very good condition and free of damage.  

For sale at £495.

Please contact us for further information and possible demo. (07982 972754)

Cheers for now.


Support the club`s annual Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Race

This Sunday (25th June) sees the club run the annual sea kayak race around Hilbre Island with our friends at Dee Sailing Club on the Wirral.   The weather is looking the best for years so if you have ever fancied padding around either the Little Eye or Hilbre Island with lots of safety support and a fun atmosphere this is the year to give it a go.  We still have lots of entries left and you can borrow  hire a sea kayak from the club if you don’t have one.  Indeed, you can paddle around the Little Eye using any kind of craft (Sit on Top, WW kayak or General purpose kayak, sea kayak etc)

If you really do not want to give it a go why not bring your family along to the beach / sailing club at Thurstaston and watch or support the event.  There is a bar and BBQ from about 1pm (you can purchase drinks and BBQ items on demand) and the race is off at 12 midday (a mass or “Le Mans Style” start from the beach so you need to be there for around 11:45am to see it properly.

We still need safety kayakers, photographers, help with car parking etc so if you can volunteer please get in touch.

Please note the normal Sunday paddle has been taken off the calendar for this Sunday as all those involved will be at the event.

More information from

See you all there to support the club and have a great day out with great views of the Dee Estuary. (either as paddlers, volunteers or supporters)
Contact to volunteer

Fitting Thigh Supports to a Kayak by Robin Emley, June ’17

When first trying to edge or roll my sea kayak, I thought it may be helpful if my lower knee had something to push against.  I soon knocked up a pair of foam supports and glued them in place using water-based Evo-stick which lasted all of five minutes at Kingsway.  I later refitted the same prototype blocks using River Bond and they’ve never budged since.

Foam blocks below the knee/thigh also provide general support while paddling.  Maybe I’m just lazy, but I now feel uneasy in any boat without them.  Having recently purchased a new sea kayak, fitting thigh supports was a must.

Closed-cell foam is available from AS Watersports at £10 per block.  With care, a single 32cm square block would probably suffice, but having a second one will allow for cutting errors.   River Bond adhesive is available from Endless River at £16 per 250ml tin.

The above closed-cell blocks are 3” thick which may not be deep enough for some situations.  For my plastic Easky, I fitted single foam pieces on an angle to bridge the curve of the hull and thereby gain more height.  An alternative approach, which I now prefer, is to construct each side in two sections: a simple lower section which fits to the base of the hull, and a more intricately shaped upper section which rests on the lower one and can be easily removed and replaced during the fitting process.

Pieces of insulating tape on the base of the cockpit area will allow each lower section to be quickly relocated.  The corresponding upper piece can then be slid into place along the lower one.   The first stage is to determine the precise location of each section of foam and to fashion their outer faces to match the shape of the boat’s hull.  Having done this, the inner face of each block can be gradually trimmed away to suit one’s preference.

A small tenon saw or similar is ideal for fashioning the foam.  A sanding block with ultra-coarse paper will smooth the surface at each stage in a matter of seconds.  If it all goes wrong, i.e. too much material has been removed, only the upper section will probably need to be replaced.  I’ve found that it’s always worth having another go – preferably after a break – and the second attempt is generally better than the first.


To allow water to flow along the boat’s length, a small fore-to-aft channel under each block is probably a good idea.  A second cutaway may be needed to clear the skeg cable.


When glueing the two sections together, their alignment is critical otherwise the combined block may no longer fit snugly against the boat’s sides.  Once both blocks are complete, their contact areas can be determined by drawing around them onto the hull with a marker pen.  Having roughened these areas, the blocks can then be carefully glued into position.  By following the 2-stage instructions on the tin,  River Bond has never failed me yet.



I now regard thigh supports as an essential extra for any kayak.  For the time that it takes to fit them, I reckon they’re well worth the effort.

Robin Emley

For sale – Garmin GPS 72H marine bundle £50

Both USB and NMEA 0183 ports 18 hour battery life (2 x AA batteries)   Now Sold

Includes- Case, cig lighter charger, strap, adjustable mount and instruction disc and quick start manuals.

Ideal for boats or kayaking.”

£50 – can take to the docks

John Fay Tel. 07795966942 if interested

For Sale Sawyer Greenland paddle £120

For Sale Sawyer Greenland paddle £120  Sold

I purchased this paddle around September last year. It has only been used for 10mins before a rolling session so is Like New.
It cost £180 + postage.

220cm in length

Sell for £120

Can take to docks if anyone’s interested.
Tel. John Fay – 07795966942

Canoe Polo Success – Welsh Warriors by Anthony Kingdon

Hello everyone, I thought you might like to know that one of the LCC polo teams has had some excellent success today…

Welsh Warriors have officially won the NW&C Div 2 league. Given the league has been going all year, after we drew one and won three games today, we found ourselves competing with FOA C for the title with one game to go.

The closely fought league came down to the “winner takes all” final game of the day. We convincingly won 3-0 and collected our gold medals this afternoon!


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