White Water Kayak Improvers Trip – Saturday 14th March

White Water Kayak Improvers Trip – Saturday 14th March

LCC on the Lower Tryweryn. Lots of upstream play and many good experiences today. Ace team !

  • Ian Colwyn  Cracking day on the river. Little apprehensive at first as haven’t paddled moving water for several months.
    Thanks for everything Dave and Fi. See you next time.
  • Jenna Katherine  A fantastic day. Felt like I practiced lots of skills. Thanks Dave and Fi x

For Sale Remix 10 £500

For Sale Remix 10 £500   Now Sold

Hi all.

I’m selling my Remix 10 and offering to club members first for £500.

The boat is three years old and only lightly used. It has some superficial scratches on the keen otherwise in great condition and stored inside. I’m including the boats Manic spray deck and cockpit cover in the sale.



Sea Kayak Support Session Number 1 by Roger Colman

Sea Kayak Support Session Number 1 by Roger Colman

On a wet and windy Thursday evening I attended, as a student (not as an assistant) the first of Ian Bell’s Sea Kayak Support Sessions. You may have noticed that these sessions were entitled Ian Bell and Roger Colman, but let me assure you all, in the words of a famous, fictional Spanish waiter, ‘I know nothing’ when it comes to navigation and trip planning.  I got a lift there, did not lift a finger to help Ian and then got a lift home again (thanks Derek) so a good night all-round.

The course was packed out, all places taken. It was a good thing that the Wallasey District Scout Centre was available to the club and I have little doubt that Ian also had the major role in organising the venue as well as delivering this Introduction to Coastal Navigation and Weather session.

I was surprised to see so many faces that I not only recognised but having been at the club for a while now, could even put a fair few names too.  Obviously, there is no guarantee that it was always going to be a matching pair, right name – right face, but for such a big club with so many faces I am slowly getting better at this. I was also surprised to realise how many I had paddled with at one time or another. (Why were they here – I thought they knew what they were doing!)

It was a good evening with plenty of questions, in addition to “when’s the tea break?”, and I learnt about available resources; tidal range and flow; stream atlas’ and diamonds; over falls and tide races. If I struggled with the maths, I could find a picture book thingy, oh yes, the tidal stream atlas, with fat (faster) and thin (slower) arrows to make life simpler. Ian said as a sea kayaker he liked to keep things simple. But he also said that the times of ‘High Water’ and ‘Low Water’ are not the same as when the water stops and turns around which is ‘Slack Water’.  So, if I have got this right, sat on the beach eating my sarnies, I see the sea come in at High Water and then go out again, but the sea may not have turned around yet, or it could have done so before hand – How is that simple? (Ian can you talk me through that again please?)

Not long after we got started Keith arrived with some lame excuse about ‘Parents Evening’ but he quickly got involved assisting Ian and towards the end of the session gave some examples of true-life stories of when things, regardless of planning, went wrong on the sea.

That night, safely back at home, it was a toss-up as to whether I would be having nightmares about disastrous sea trips or disastrous parents’ evenings – as a child and as a parent – I’ve had both!

Looking forward to the next one – Trip planning and preparation.

More information on Sea Kayaking – Free resources (Tides, Tidal Streams and charts)

Congratulations to Dave for his winning photo of Ron Wood seal launching

Photo of the Month

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# 1

Ron Wood seal launch – Dave Gentle

15 votes (42%)

# 2

NW Youth League 2020 – Craig Ford

5 votes (14%)

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Festive Docks Paddle 2019 from Julie Brookes

5 votes (14%)

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Improvers Trip Bull Bay to Brick works 2020 Emily Stephenson 0001

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Andy on the Improvers Trip Sea Kayak Trip – Vic Leather

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Crazy kayaker on the Tryweryn – Jim Duffy

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Your club activities might be changing – new proposals by British Canoeing have been announced

Your club activities might be changing – new proposals by British Canoeing have been announced – Your comments online may be used in plans going forward. Of particular concern to us will be Proposal 9Coaching, Leadership and Instructing Qualifications

Please click here for the anonymous online survey with British Canoeing……

9: Coaching, Leadership and Instructing Qualifications

Whilst the majority of coaches are qualified, our regulations allow for some individuals to lead and coach paddling activities on the basis of an assessment of their competence made by club committee members.  It is proposed to change this so that all coaches, leaders and instructors will be required to hold a certified British Canoeing qualification and be currently qualified with all necessary updates undertaken.

This means that 95% of all coaching and leading in the club could stop. This together with the plan to remove peer paddling from being covered by any third party insurance or as a club activity would mean that the club could no longer operate or at least would be radically different from now.

This would mean for LCC:

Dock paddling would stop except for led groups of 4 (BC Qualified sheltered water leader with all updates)

Most river trips would stop

Most sea trips would stop

Club weekends and residentials would not happen unless qualified leaders and coaches were available for all groups of 4.

All other club activities would need to be reviewed including pool sessions and surfing etc.

I would welcome all members to review the proposals and to respond with their views, especially to proposal 9, as this will have severe repercussions on all our paddling with the club if the proposal is approved and implemented in October 2020.

Please click here for the anonymous online survey with British Canoeing……

NWC Youth League Canoe Polo

NWC Youth League Canoe Polo

Our two teams again played in the second tournament and it is clear many of the paddlers are developing confidence and skills. To find out more see the YouTube video of the match between our two teams (Embedded below or click here….)

Photos of the tournament….

Junior paddlers from age 9 to 15 are welcome to join us in the league. If you want to come along to the last two tournaments, please register your interest here. All the boats and equipment needed is provided. You do not need to wear a spray deck unless you want to.

Click here for more information……

YouTube Video of the game between our two LCC teams

Liverpool Canoe Club is open to all and aims "to provide the maximum canoeing and kayaking opportunities for all its members"