Canoe trip on the Afon Banwy

Canoe trip on the Afon Banwy

Well we all met in Starbucks in Oswestry to top up before heading up to Lake Vyrnwy. It had rained a little during the night and past week so there was a little bit of water coming over the dam. The river was running through the trees and would probably have been a little challenging. We had run out of coffee by now so decided to run the river Banwy instead. This was a grade lower and proved to be an excellent choice.

The River Banwy is a river about 30 km long in NW Powys in Wales. It is a tributary of the River Vyrnwy. The river rises in the hills near the pass which takes the A458 between Mallwyd and Welshpool. The river is called Nant Cerrig-y-groes at its source near Moel y Llyn

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Start at Llanerfyl. Access to the river in Llanerfyl was on the left bank by a (downstream) road bridge (Please do not park in front of the gate to the field opposite as the farmer is a little bit weary of paddlers blocking access to his land – he will be out like a shot if you do park there, even for a moment). Finish at Meifod on the River Vrynwy. Egress on the right bank at the road bridge (New Bridge).


TIME NEEDED: Three hours.

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Needs heavy rain. It stays up for a week or so after substantial rain.

GRADING: Grade 1 – 2.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Approx 1 metre high natural ‘weir’ at Castle mound just short of the River Vyrnwy confluence which can reach grade 3 in flood conditions. This is last rapid on the run as described below. Low branches.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: We use open boats so aim for grade 1 -2! The Banwy was excellent continuous Grade 1 – 2 from Llanerfyl to the River Vyrnwy confluence; top section the best. 26 km in all in about three hours, egress (R bank at road bridge) at Meifod. There is a short upstream section on the River Vyrnwy before reaching the get-out.

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Martin, Nikki, Ian, Gareth and Keith

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