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Paddling with a few friends on Anglesey by Vic Leather

Paddling with a few friends on Anglesey by Vic Leather

Day 1 – Mermaid pub to old Menai bridge.

We had all travelled to Anglesey in our own cars and had observed impeccable social distancing at all times. This often felt over the top compared to many others we observed but ultimately was proved the correct thing to do as BoJo announced further restrictions a week later.

We descended down in the cars onto the south bank of the Straits to the get in at the Mermaid Pub, the sun was up but there was not too much wind. Ideal conditions for a paddle. We set off, crossing over to the far shore. The wind started to pick up but not too much … the tide was still dropping but usefully had turned in the straits and we would use it to carry us up towards Menai Bridge.

We paddled up past Port Dinorwic and pulled in for lunch. We had our butties on the beach by church island all with our own rocks 4-5 metres away from each other.

After lunch we paddled through the ‘Swellies’ which were thankfully flat (no whirlpools this time !!)  then on through the old Menai Bridg. (No ferry gliding /swimming this week!) portaging at the ramp by Menai Bridge. Then back to Anglesey outdoors an early night in our individual rooms.

Day 2 – Porth Dafarch to North Stack and back.

Launching from Porth Dafarch with the sun high up in the sky we paddled around the headland rock hopping are way towards South Stack taking in some amazing sea caves and one huge wave eroded crack. We all ventured in about 100 metres. Then only to realise we couldn’t turn around inside as it was a kayaks width in places (good opportunity for some reversing skills practice).

Passing South Stack, we pulled into a sea cave for lunch but upset the local residents – 3 Big seals had been using the cave and now were bobbing up and down in the bay watching us munch away.

On the way back leisurely rock hoping our way we pulled in again for 2nd lunch break on a tranquil beach complete with waterfall as the sun beamed down.

As we approached Porth Dafarch Roger Colman and I practised a short line tow .. a self rescue later .. and laughter all round .. We were landing back on the Beach to end another fantastic weekend trip.

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Vic Leather

Liverpool Canoe Club – Suspension of all club paddling.

Liverpool Canoe Club – Suspension of all club paddling.

Sadly, we will now have to stop all paddling with LCC, this includes paddling at the docks.

Following the government restrictions announced tonight we are forced to stop all paddling at the docks for at least 3 weeks or until the restrictions are lifted.

Many thanks for all your support but I think we all knew this was coming.


Liverpool Canoe Club – Update on Sunday Paddles

Liverpool Canoe Club – Update on Sunday Paddles

  • Numbers NOW restricted to 15 who MUST book using bookwhen  (even if you paddle your own boat)
  • This is now independent paddling so only for those who are experienced and happy to paddle on their own but in sight of other paddlers!

Independent Paddling at the Docks – Supervisors Julie Brookes, Roger Colman, David Allanson, Martin Sinnott and Nadia Ford

Where is it? Location map

During this difficult time this session is NOW only for experienced paddlers who can paddle independently but within sight of other paddlers for safety (minimum of 3)  IF IT IS CLEAR YOU DO NOT MEET THE CRITERIA YOU WILL BE ASKED TO RETURN HOME.

Numbers are limited to 15 plus session supervisors (Key Holders). You must book a free place to paddle to facilitate “social distancing” using the bookwhen booking system…..

You must be there in time as the compound is only open from 9:45 to 10:00am.  You must quickly get changed and select you boat and get on the water – There is to be no gathering around in a group before or after the session.   When you have finished paddling please leave the area quickly. 

Members should ensure they always follow all social distancing guidelines. These include not sharing lifts with people outside your immediate family or using public transport, to keep 2 metres apart and to wash your hands regularly.

Do not park on any of the roads in the area. This includes roads without markings, single or double yellow lines.
Click for more information and full map……..


Hi All,

As the current situation develops, we have been forced to cancel more and more club trips and courses. It is looking more likely that we may have to stop most if not all club activities as further advice is given over the coming week(s). In addition to suspending all pool sessions, upcoming courses and residential trips from this weekend onwards we are also suspending all sessions involving team sports (eg no rules polo / canoe polo games and sessions) until further notice.

We are using the latest advice to clubs given by British Canoeing:

Clubs are advised to consider if and how they are able to run activities which adhere to the government advice, specifically regarding travel and social distancing recommendations. For some clubs and in some circumstances, club committees might assess that some activities can continue safely. However, the way that clubs operate and the facilities available to each club varies greatly which means that some club activities will need to be suspended for the time being.

Currently, we still allowing small groups of members who live very locally to attend distance paddling sessions at the docks and individual surfing at locations like Crosby. This effectively means that you will be paddling on your own but within sight of others on the water.

Members should ensure they always follow all social distancing guidelines. These include not sharing lifts with people outside your immediate family or using public transport, to keep 2 metres apart and to wash your hands regularly.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops and update our calendar and advice accordingly.


Liverpool Canoe Club and current situation

Hi All,

I am sure you are all keeping up with the current situation.   British Canoeing released a statement late last night cancelling all British Canoeing Events until at least the end of April 2020.   This may have been a little premature given that schools etc are still fully open but they were thinking of big events with people travelling from all around the country.   Last night we cancelled all pool sessions going forward until the end of April.  Members spent some time returning boats to the docks ready for May.  Our junior club will be suspended for the time being but hopefully will return to the Docks on the 5th May 2020 as normal.

For our outside events (Docks / paddles etc) we intend to continue as normal for now until more specific advice is given.   Members should still continue to follow good practise, refrain from any unnecessary contact and try to keep 2 meters space between people / paddlers.  Fortunately, this is relatively easy to do in a canoe however we probably should not hand out any food or cake etc.   Any no rules polo should now be no contact polo!

In addition to the above, advice is not to spend more than 15 minutes talking or socialising with others even with the 2 meters rule so you should return home soon after the session.   Members may also wish to take their own 99.9% hand sanitiser or fresh water and soap to wash their hands before and after the session.  It goes without saying that if you or your family have any of the symptom’s or you are in a high risk group (over 70 or with underlying health problems) your should not attend any club session.

All paddles and docks sessions will be dependent on a key holder or supervisor running the session and members need to understand that an organiser may need to self-isolate or cannot attend at the last moment and there may be nobody to open the compound or run the session.  If that is the case we will try to let members know but obviously if the compound is not opened by a key holder the session will be cancelled and you should not then go on the water.

White Water Kayak Improvers Trip – Saturday 14th March

White Water Kayak Improvers Trip – Saturday 14th March

LCC on the Lower Tryweryn. Lots of upstream play and many good experiences today. Ace team !

  • Ian Colwyn  Cracking day on the river. Little apprehensive at first as haven’t paddled moving water for several months.
    Thanks for everything Dave and Fi. See you next time.
  • Jenna Katherine  A fantastic day. Felt like I practiced lots of skills. Thanks Dave and Fi x