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Bridgewater Canal – Local Paddles and Access Points

Bridgewater Canal – Local Paddles and Access Points

This is easily accessed from the western end just under the flyover for the old Runcorn Bridge.  There is a car park behind the Wat Phra Singh UK Restaurant (formally the Waterloo Pub) or a public one next to it. Access to the canal side in front of the canal barges. Any type of boat suitable. It is best to come from centre of Runcorn via Devonshire Place and then via the High Street.

There are numerous access points along the canal, and it can make for an good trip either out and return or with a car shuttle.   Click each access point along the Bridgewater Canal for more details and photographs.

Please note this is a private canal and not part of the Canal and Rivers Trust network.

Click here to see a large interactive map of all the recognised access and parking points along the Bridgewater Canal from Runcorn to Leigh

Canal map for the Whole of the UK…..

Bridgewater Canal

Bridgewater canal

Crosby Surf in my repaired Surf Kayak by Karl Tattum

Crosby Surf in my repaired Surf Kayak by Karl Tattum

Shakedown paddle today at Crosby to check if the Mega Neutron is now watertight. It started as I noticed each time I took to the water the boat would quickly become harder to paddle but I thought it was filling up through my spaydeck. After investigation, a small crack soon appeared to be a large crack and the rim tape had turned to dust exposing the joints.

Filled with West System G Flex 655-k which is a Marine Grade Epoxy resin that is mixed 1 to 1 and can absorb stresses of expansion, contraction, shock and vibration. Easy to use, apply and finish.

The result after today’s Surf is a fully watertight boat that paddles much easier now without the extra 5 gallons of water inside. Surf and weather was great as I had all the waves to myself.

Location of defibrillators with easy access from the water along the South Liverpool Docks.

Location of defibrillators with easy access from the water along the South Liverpool Docks.

Only 4 locations are available 24/7 (Yacht Club Marina, Holiday Inn Express, Albert Dock security Tel: 0151 707 8384 and Pullman Liverpool Hotel) Please click on each location for more details.

Click here to see the map in full screen…..

Location of defibrillators with easy access from the water along the South Liverpool Docks.
Location of defibrillators with easy access from the water along the South Liverpool Docks.

Jim Duffy
BCU Lifeguards Representative 
If you would like to get involved to help on any kayak safety cover  or require more information on defibrillators please contact Jim on Mobile 07900 078197

Leeds to Liverpool Canal – Local Access Points

Some of our club members have been getting out for their daily exercise on local waterways. We have updated our Leeds to Liverpool Canal page to indicate some of the local paddles available. We especially recommend the British Canoeing guides and suggested routes at the bottom of the page. If anyone has more good suggestions for access points, routes or trip reports for local paddles please pass them on.

At the moment you are able to exercise locally within a household group or if on your own with one other person. You will of course need access to your own canoe or kayak as the all club facilities are closed during National Lockdown. NB please note that this includes the Liverpool Docks and Coburg Slipway which should not be used whilst all club paddling is suspended.

Would be good to hear about some of your local paddling – please send items for the newsletter to

Leeds to liverpool Canal

There are many access points along the canal. The full route is 167 miles long, but many local paddlers use the canal for local trips. There is also the Rufford Branch, that goes north from Burscough to Tarlton Lock near Hesketh Bank and is worth exploring. Others have also explored a round trip returning on the River Douglas (Grade 1?) as it follows a section of the canal.

The Leeds Liverpool canal is used by many Pleasure boats. Please paddle on the right-hand side of the canal when passing other traffic and watch out for fishing rods along its banks. Food and drink can be purchased at any of the canal side Pubs. There are also picnic areas by the Ship Inn Burscough. You may wish to bring your own food and drink.

Canoe trails to download
Eldonian Village Hall to Cooksons Bridge Cooksons Bridge to The New Scarisbrick Arms The New Scarisbrick Arms to Appley Bridge
Appley Bridge to Trencherfield Mill Wigan Top Lock to Walton Summit Branch Johnson’s Hillock Top Lock to Riley Green
Riley Green to Eanam Wharf Eanam Wharf to Church Church, Accrington to Reedley Marina
Reedley Marina to Greenberfield Greenberfield to Anchor Lock Anchor Lock to Low Bradley
Low Bradley to Riddlesden Riddlesden to Apperley Bridge Apperley Bridge to Leeds
Leeds Lock to Castleford Castleford Junction to Whitley Whitley Lock to Goole
Canal map for UK…..
Canal and Rivers Trust – Leeds to Liverpool Canal
Coast to Coast: Canoe trail

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Covid 19 – Alert level 5, all use of the docks and compound, club trips and events etc will be suspended with immediate effect.

Hi All,

I think we all knew it was coming.  Tonight`s announcement of an alert level 5 means that we should suspend all club paddles until further notice. You are free to exercise alone or within any guidelines which are yet to be announced but all use of the docks and compound, club trips and events etc will be suspended with immediate effect.

The Club Calendar and Bookwhen site has been changed to reflect this new level of alert. The new measures become law on Wednesday, but we are advised to follow the guidance immediately to protect all in the area.

Coronavirus (COVID‑19)

National lockdown: stay at home

You must stay at home. This is the single most important action we can all take to protect the NHS and save lives.

You must not leave your home unless necessary.

Stay 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household.


Surfing since lockdown

Surfing since lockdown

We are fortunate in where we live. Even though we have just been put into tier 3, and cannot travel out of our region, we are lucky to have the amazing coastline around us. In recent years I have been mainly a park n play paddler, but with everywhere closed to us, it is time to get back on the surf which I love.

Crosby has always been a favourite spot. It’s close to home and gives a good beating when the wind is blowing. Even an hour on the water makes you ache the next day.

With lockdown here for a while, whilst we are still allowed, it is a great time to explore the local coastline.

In the last week we have been to Crosby Beach, Perch Rock New Brighton and Leasowe Bay, Wallasey.

Crosby runs on Westerly winds of 15mph, looks like New Brighton and Leasowe run on Northerly winds of 10mph.

If you get the opportunity to try the sea, give it a go. Even if you swim, it’s usually a short walk to the beach with your boat and paddle. Ask Karl Tattum about this, as he has been an expert it boat and paddle swimming recently.

Hope to get out again soon. See you on the water.

Paul Harwood






Image Image







Plans to create 250m ‘surf beach’ in Merseyside

Plans to create 250m ‘surf beach’ in Merseyside

There will also be a spa, 4 star hotel, and new restaurants and cafes.

Ambitious plans have been put forward to create a ‘world-class’ surf beach destination in Southport. Residents and visitors alike can expect a 250m stretch of beach with a huge surf wave pool, and with a 360-degree boardwalk.

Using what those behind the scheme say is “the next generation” of surf pool technology, ‘Southport Cove’ will make waves that can reach over 2 metres for accomplished surfers, to just 0.5 metres for those who prefer ‘fun’ waves. The spectacular seafront plan from Sefton Council and Go Surf is also proposed to include a water-based spa, 4-star accommodation, restaurant & cafés, and indoor leisure facilities. There will also be planted gardens so that non-water users can take in the pool’s surrounding landscape.

Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Skills, Cllr Marion Atkinson, said: “Many people remember the much-loved open-air swimming bath on the seafront next to Princes Park closed its doors to the public for the very last time in 1989. “This project will bring back a viable facility, striking a balance between the memory of this well-loved former attraction and a new, modern, family-oriented offer that will be unique to the region.”

Let us know what you think of the plans in our comments section below

Southport Cove, the local authority says, will create up to 120 new jobs and bring more than £20 million per annum to the local economy with an expected 150,000 client visits a year.

The £40 million project aligns well with Sefton Council’s vision for Southport’s visitor economy, increasing the number of reasons to visit and to stay, all year round.

A spokesman for the founders of Go Surf said: “We’re taking a world class surf pool and building a resort around it that’s far more than just a place for catching waves, something that all visitors and members can enjoy on any given day of the year.

“It’s a real privilege to have this opportunity to do something great for our hometown, we are thrilled to be bringing our unique brand of water-based sport to Southport.”


If you missed Monday night’s talk “A sea kayak expedition to Thailand/ SE Asia” by Roger Morgan you can now watch it on the Club YouTube Link….

If you missed Monday night’s talk “A sea kayak expedition to Thailand/ SE Asia” by Roger Morgan you can now watch it on the Club YouTube Link….

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