Club weekends and major events for the Club 2019 to 2020. Reserve a place now if interested or put them in the diary

Club weekends and major events for the Club 2019 to 2020 – for more detail check the online Club Calendar…….
You need to be a current member of the club to paddle with us (Insurance and emergency contact details etc)

27th September 29th to 2019

Anglesey Weekend #4 Click for more information Padlock and to reserve a discounted place based at Tyn Rhos Trearddur Bay – coordinator Peter Massey.

10th October 2019

Club AGM and Paddler of the Year Awards with Movies and talks on Alps, Nepal and Lofoten Trips
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11th to 13th October 2019

Mid Wales White Water Weekend Coordinator John Cooke

Click for more and to book a place. Padlock

12th to 15th October 2019

MAD Scottish Canoe Expedition (part 1 River Spey?) Coordinator Mike Alter and Ruth Edwards

Contact the coordinator Mike Alter Padlock if interested

16th to 19th October 2019

MAD Scottish Canoe Expedition (part 2 River Tay) Coordinator Mike Alter and Ruth Edwards

Contact the coordinator Mike Alter Padlock if interested

20th October 2019

Improvers WW River Trip (Grade 2-3 River Dee) Coordinator John Cooke

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1st to 3rd November 2019

River Tees White Water Weekend Coordinator John Cooke

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9th to 13th April 2020

Scottish Easter Paddling Holiday based at Kinlochleven Coordinator John Cooke

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26th April 2020

Club Open Day Come and try it sessions / Go Kayaking Demo Fleet / rolling competition

1st to 3rd May 2020

Anglesey Weekend #1 Click for more information Padlock and to reserve a discounted place based at Tyn Rhos Trearddur Bay – coordinator Peter Massey.

22nd to 25th May 2020

Pembroke Bank holiday Paddling Weekend Click for more information Padlock and to reserve a discounted place based at Newgale Campsite – coordinator Jenny Brown.

23rd to 30th May 2020

Sardinia Sea Kayaking Expedition (Camping from Kayaks)
Contact the coordinator
Keith Steer Padlock if interested.

5th to 7th June 2020

Anglesey Junior Club Weekend #2 Click for more information Padlock and to reserve a discounted place based at Anglesey Outdoors, Porth Dafarch – coordinator Keith Steer.

19th to 21st June 2020

Anglesey Weekend #3 Click for more information Padlock and to reserve a discounted place based at Bodfan Farm, Rhosneigr – coordinator Jenny Brown.

6th – 13th June 2020

Shetland Island Sea Kayak Trip

Contact the coordinator Catriona Hare Padlock if interested. Coach / Sea Leader Ian Bell

5th July 2020

Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Event Click for more information and to book a place

18th July to 2nd August 2020

Alpine White Water Trip and Holiday Click for more information Padlock

Contact the coordinator Keith Steer Padlock if interested

6th to 21st August 2020

Alaskan Sea Kayak Expedition Click for more information Padlock

Contact the coordinator Keith Steer Padlock if interested.

2nd to 4th October 2020

Anglesey Club Weekend #4 Click for more information Padlock and to reserve a discounted place based at Anglesey Outdoors, Porth Dafarch – coordinator Keith Steer.

Monday Pool Session

All year round

 9:00 to  10:00pm

Pool Session at the Kingsway Leisure Centre. Click for maps and more information….
 Click to see current bookings and places left…. Padlock

Tuesday Canoe Polo & Club Session Liverpool Marina

First Tuesday in April until end of September

 6:30 to  8:30pm

Canoe Polo Session at the Liverpool Docks. Non-polo players are welcome provided they paddle as a group. Click for details….

Tuesday Junior Club at the docks

First Tuesday in May until end of September

 6:30 to  8:30pm

Junior Club – Age 8 upwards at the Docks. We provide club coaches to support this session. Parents can paddle with their children and help run the session (so wait at the compound or paddle in own group) Click for details….

Tuesday Club Session
 Liverpool Marina

First Tuesday in May until end of September

 6.30 to  8:30pm

Club night at the docks for improvers and above. Click for details….

Thursday Club Session
 Liverpool Marina

All year round

 6.30 to  8:30pm

Club night at the docks for improvers and above. Click for details….
No rules canoe polo in any kayak and longer distance paddling (in groups)

Thursday SUP Session
 Liverpool Marina

First Thursday in May until end of September

6:30 to  8:30pm

SUP Session at Liverpool Docks for competent SUP paddlers. Click for details….
To reserve one of the clubs SUPs use the club booking system……

 Sunday Club Session
 Liverpool Marina

All year round

 9.45 to  12:30pm

Check the calendar regularly for updates. For all club members provided you are capable of paddling in a group. Juniors must be with parents or coach / junior leader.    

 Sunday Novice / Introductory Session Liverpool Marina

2nd Sunday of every Month

 9.45 to  12:30pm

For more information and to book a place go to the club booking page. For any new club member that would like an orientation sessions or basic introduction to the club and its equipment at the Docks. YOU MUST PREBOOK YOUR SESSION AS PLACES ARE LIMITED.

Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019 Day 11 “The Famous Five find their way home”

Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019
The Famous Five visit Lofoten” by Enid Blyton

Day 11 – Journey Home (19th August) by Julian “The Famous Five find their way home”

“Gosh what is that dreadful smell?” said George. “Sorry about that” said Dick, “I think it is my shoes”. “Really” said Ann, “Can’t you pack them at the bottom of your case wrapped up in a carrier bag. People should not have to put up with that. How utterly disgusting”. “I am afraid they will have to” said Dick, “I am wearing them home”.

This conversation was stopped by the early arrival of our taxi. This was not Anne’s fault, who had planned everything to perfection as usual, but that of the taxi firm. None the less the outcome was the same with everyone galvanised into action and a flurry of last-minute packing and checking of bedrooms etc. Fortunately, Dick had got up early to ensure he could eat any food items, irregular shaped or otherwise, that may have been left behind so he was virtually ready. Timmy, who was maybe the fastest camp breaker and case packer Norway has ever seen, was also ready in a trice. George was pleased to find that having eaten all her expedition food she could pack quickly and while her case was still heavy, she could actually lift it. Something she could not do on the journey out. Anyway, we were all soon in the taxi, joined by ‘Jo’ and ‘Tinker’ who would travel back with us, and off to the airport we went.

Julian thought Svolvaer Airport was a lovely little airport, where the check in lady later becomes one of the baggage handlers and where they can take their time and search through bags to their hearts content as Dick found out. Poor Dick. It was Dick’s stove that seemed to be the problem and as Julian also had a stove in his case he was rather anxious that he too would have all his smelly items, including undergarments on display, but no, his case went through without a problem. He didn’t even have to remove his belt or take off his shoes. No wonder he liked the airport. The cute little plane held just 35 passengers and had two propeller type engines. (De Havilland DHC – 8 100 series.) The lovely people asked us to leave our carry-on bags by the steps so they could put them in the hold and help balance the plane properly. Julian is now wondering if it is quite so nice after all and getting anxious again.

I am sure all readers will be relieved to hear that all is well and just a little behind time we take off and then land successfully at Bodo Airport.

Here you can spend a great deal of your left-over Norwegian money on not very much at all. A family sized packet of peanut M & M’s being the equivalent of about £7.90.

After a couple of hours, it was onto Oslo Airport where Dick was first in line at the food hall, Julian managed to get a gluten free burger, with chips and a drink for about £23, and Timmy surpassed himself. He thought he had got a decent salad at a reasonable price yesterday down by the museum but here it was a help yourself salad bar. When George first found Timmy, I think he must have run away from the circus. The way he managed to balance everything into and way over the top of his bowl was quite miraculous. He then got back to his seat without even a tomato rolling off, showing all the poise and grace of a circus acrobat.

Once George had seen that Timmy was properly fed and watered, she managed to slump across the table for forty winks showing no poise or grace whatsoever.

Next it was just over two hours on the final flight from Oslo to Manchester. During this plane ride Julian wondered if like him the others were hoping their suitcase would be lost like Anne’s had been on the way out. Only, if so, he would be ever so pleased if they never found it again and he could replace all his worn out camping and kayaking equipment with new on the insurance! (No such luck everything turned up tickety-boo.)

Dick knows a lot about modern technology and is almost as interested in gadgets as he is food. Yet even he was surprised at how clever the airports facial recognition system was. It let him through regardless of the fact that he had recently shaved his head for an Iron Man / Charity event and looked nothing like his passport photo!

All safely through, bags collected and now going our separate ways home allows time to reflect on what was truly a jolly fine adventure. You don’t need to be a member of the Famous Five to arrange wild camping in foreign places, just a member of Liverpool Canoe Club where you can find likeminded, adventurous paddlers. However, a tip from Julian – try to find someone like Anne to coordinate and organise. Anne did a jolly splendid job for us. Thank you, Anne. It was a pleasure sharing my ginger beer with you.

More Photos…….

Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019 Day 10 “The Famous Five take a day off”

Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019
The Famous Five visit Lofoten” by Enid Blyton

Day 10 – Last day in Kabelvag (18th August) by Julian “The Famous Five take a day off”

How snug and warm we had all been in proper beds in our cabin and although a little sad our Lofoten kayaking adventure really was over, it was another day and the chance for another adventure. But wait, it appears George, always the tomboy, had not slept in a bed at all. She had spent the night sleeping on the floor in the lounge. She really is as tough as old boots!

It was decided we should hike out of Base Camp and find some proper entertainment in the nearby town of Kabelvag. Ann had been there once before and warned us there was little excitement to be found and explained, politely, as always, that she would stay in base camp to meet up later with the friends we had met at the start of our journey, “Jo the gypsy girl” and young “Tinker Hayling”.

Once Dick had quickly demolished some cold pizza found at the back of the fridge, he, Timmy, Julian and George set of at a blistering pace eager to see the delights of Kabelvag. On the way Dick borrowed a little green scooter and ‘scooted’ up and down the road before returning it and running to catch us up.

As for Kabelvag, for once it seems that Ann, who can be known to exaggerate, had not done so on this occasion. There was little excitement to be had and being a Sunday most of what little there was appeared shut. Undeterred however our intrepid quartet did find a pub on stilts, which clearly showed we were deep within the Article Circle (N68” 13’ S14” 30’) and a library in a telephone box. Julian was most displeased on discovering there was not one Enid Blyton book to be had but Timmy placated him by suggesting that they were so popular they were probably all out on loan.

George then found some hula-hoop’s and encouraged by Timmy whirled them around her body right there in the street! For once sensible Julian decided not to be sensible and also had a go. It transpires that he is as rubbish at hula-hoops as he is at doing up a dry suit neck!

Dick suggested that we all make our way to the local museum where we could seek both education and culture. (And a cafe.) This was slightly off the return to Base Camp route, but it was a pleasant day and nice to walk through Norwegian streets and look at the houses.

Once at the museum, Timmy, who had been far better behaved on our Lofoten kayaking adventure than was expected, sadly let himself down. He went scampering off exploring leaving Julian, Dick and George sick with worry about where he was and what mischief he was up too. Eventually Timmy came back and although George spoke harshly to him, he seemed not in the least bit concerned. Any tension was broken by Dick suggesting lunch.

We had some difficulty in obtaining food but we did eventually find a very nice restaurant on the Fiord where George enjoyed Norwegian bread pudding, Timmy had an excellent and for once good value salad and Dick a very ‘scrummy’ waffle which he actually made all by his self – with a little help. Julian drank some water with a slice of lemon.

It was then back to Base Camp, with another little ‘scoot’ on route by Dick. We had to be quick as Timmy had smelt rain in the air. Sure enough no sooner had we got to Base Camp than a very nasty, heavy rainfall began. You don’t need a ‘Bracknell Weather Centre’ when you have a Timmy. Clever Boy.

That evening the Famous Five went out for a meal. Unfortunately, they are not so famous in Norway and having been shown to their table they were made to wait before ordering as another group, who came in later, were served first! Never mind, this allowed for some jolly good ginger beer time. Just before leaving we had the pleasure of “Jo the gypsy girl” and young “Tinker Hayling” joining us meaning yet more lashings of ginger beer. What a charming way to end another good day in Northern Norway.

More Photos…….

Rolling Session 1 at Coburg Dock

Rolling Session 1 at Coburg Dock

Over 30 people rolled up (no pun intended) for the first of our Saturday rolling sessions.

There were varying levels of skills from experience paddlers wanting to get back or improve their roll to absolute beginners.

After the introductions help in a very heavy downpour of rain the group was split into three smaller groups with a team of coaches for each group.

Team 1 looked after the paddlers who could roll but needed some tips on how it could be improved.

Team 2 took those that understood the concept of rolling but weren’t quite getting it right.

Team 3 had the beginners.

It wasn’t long before everyone was in the water under the watchful eyes of the coaches. We all know how exhausting learning to roll can be and how cold you can get. So, at any point our paddlers and helpers could avail themselves of hot drinks, cake and biscuits of all varieties. Chris Fay and Irene Jackson managed the constant flow of customers to the compound shed for refreshments.

As on the previous rolling sessions this one went well over the allotted two hours.

Thank you to all our helpers and to everyone that turned up to make it a fun and enjoyable session.

John Fay

Round 2 is on Saturday at the compound in Coburg Dock 10:30 – 12:30. Why not come down and join in or spectate.

More Photos……..

Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019 Day 09 “The Famous Five experience challenging conditions on their last day”

Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019
The Famous Five visit Lofoten” by Enid Blyton

Day 09 – Eldhusodden to Orsvagen campsite (17th August) by George “The Famous Five experience challenging conditions on their last day”

Following the early night to avoid the heavy rain and wind, the Famous Five were up early, to see a bright sunny day, with little wind. We had a relaxed morning, drying our kit on the sun-drenched rocks, enjoying an extended breakfast and drinking tea; after all this was our last day, and we had gas and petrol to use up. More importantly we were waiting for the wind to die down before we headed round the airport headland, Timmy thought this was a really good idea.

George heard words like swell, rolling seas, clapotis, and the need to stay out at sea, so she had some more food and travel sickness pills. Dick kept his 10L water supply in case we found time to stop for lunch or afternoon tea. We headed due south towards the airport headland in choppy but easily manageable seas. As we approached the airport the swell started to increase, and when we rounded the headland, we had huge swell (George is only small) confused by clapotis. Timmy had to nip Dick’s heals viciously to get him to stay far enough offshore; George held on to her paddle very tightly; Julian relaxed at the back taking photos.

The sea state improved as we passed the headland, and we experienced a slightly more regular following sea. We were now whizzing along. Suddenly, Anne indicated she was in difficulty and asked George and Julian to raft up and come to her rescue. We rafted up to find that Anne’s paddle was nearly in two pieces, and for some time she had been paddling with a dangerously floppy paddle. With the paddle screwed back together we maintained our offshore route as the winds continued to decrease. We kept out at sea till we had a clear relatively calm path back to land and our staring campsite. George thinks that Dick and Julian may have preferred a slightly shorter and more exciting route, however, Timmy and Anne were in charge and they considered caution to be the prudent option.

We finally entered the calm waters of Orsvagen, where Timmy encouraged Dick to try rolling a fully loaded sea boat. Dick had said he would do this all week and he was running out of time. Dick quickly learnt the consequences of having a 10L bag of water under his knees when he capsized. He came out his boat quite quickly. Mature Julian thought he could do better, and gave a good example of a roll, however, he gave a much poorer example of how to close the neck on your dry suit before capsizing into cold water. Timmy, George and Anne were not wearing dry suits and did not consider anything as silly as rolling in arctic waters.

We landed at our final destination, unpacked and cleaned the boats and borrowed kit, before sitting down to lunch with our stoves on the picnic benches in the campsite. This was despite already having the key to our cabin for the night. I feared this was because our clean clothes were still with the kayak hire man, and our L’eau de unwashed may have been overpowering indoors. However, I think none of us were really ready to end our adventure and return to civilisation.

However, once we were in doors and clean, Dick who now knows that dried couscous is designed for dieters not multi day kayakers, took control and ordered pizzas. Dick ordering and nearly finishing a two-person pizza, before demolishing some chocolate brownie. Timmy, of course, ate his remaining expedition food, whilst tutting that the rest of us had sold out, and our behaviour was unbecoming of the Famous Five.

Heavy rains arrived and it finally felt good to be tucked up warm and safe in bed in our cabin, our Lofoten kayaking adventure really was over, well until the next time….

More Photos…….

Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019 Day 08 “The Famous Five and the model boat”

Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019
The Famous Five visit Lofoten” by Enid Blyton

Day 08 – waterfall campsite at back of Austpollen to Eldhusodden (16th August) by D“The Famous Five and the model boat”

It was a bright, clear and crisp morning as the famous five began to stair in the camp, the sun was hiding behind the jagged mountain ridge which had itself been hidden in the low mist when they arrived the previous day. Now, however, it could be seen in its magnificent glory with cascading waterfalls and ancient tree cover on its lower slopes.

Not in any particular hurry, the gang had breakfast and packed away tents in the chill air, just then a shaft of sunlight streamed down from behind the ridge as the sun rose higher quickly warming up the gang. “Crickey!” exclaimed Dick, “Who’s put the heating on?”, “I came to Lofoten expecting Ice Bergs, not expecting to need Ice cream!” he said as began to boil in his dry suit. “Do you ever stop thinking of food?” asked George.

It seemed a shame to disturb the stillness of the water in the fjord as the gang pressed on with their adventure, the image of the mountains and reflections on the water would not have been be out of place on a chocolate box or postcard! They hadn’t gone far however before Anne and Dick, who are both showing signs of their age, needed an urgent comfort break!

At the head of Laupstadosen fjord the gang came across a tiny model of a Norwegian fishing trawler which was moored in the bay, with its yellow and white detailing Anne was quite taken with it and wanted to take it home with him. But the others explained that it probably belonged to another little boy or girl who would be very cross if he had and may result in a hoard of angry Vikings invading England to give him a “damn good telling off!”. “Maybe that’s what happened in the 9th century?” pondered Timmy who has a keen interest in history.

Once again, the breath-taking scenery left the gang silent as they paddled south along the western shoreline. It was here that Julian spotted a rather large raptor perched on a rock, “Woof” said Timmy, “A golden eagle is it Timmy?” Anne interpreted. The magnificent bird was not at all bothered by the 4 kayaks, and 1 bathtub that Dick was paddling and posed for many photographs before spreading its huge wings and gracefully flying off into the distance.

They landed again and settled for a quick spot of lunch comprising of jam sandwiches for Julian, sardines for Anne, dried dog biscuits for Timmy and Spiced beetroot, feta tarts with tahini-dressed leaves on four-day sourdough flatbread for George. Dick sighed as he folded his corn bread and cheese slice. Once re-energized “the five” again took to the water in search of the ever elusive 5-star campsite.

Sometime later they came across a white sandy beach, Timmy wagged his tail excitedly which was interpreted to mean he rated the site at least 4 and half stars. He did not want to leave, but the rest of the gang wanted to see if there was a 5-star beach just around the next headland since this was to be their last night. Alas their search was in vane and they returned shortly after, Timmy’s tail wagged again which this time meant “Told you so!”.

At the top of the sandy beach there was little room for tents however upon exploring the adjacent woodland the gang came upon a clearing alongside an old-world war 2 bunker. “This is perfect.” remarked Julian and they made camp there immediately. Dinner was served back on the beach in the sunshine, it was almost like being in the Caribbean what with the white sand and drying islands. After dinner Anne recounted some Norwegian folklore to the rest of the gang, enthralling them a with tales of trolls, portages and missing suitcases. Anne had been secretly sipping the ginger beer again!

Dick, despite Anne’s tales plucked up the courage to go and explore the drying island, having taken some more pictures for his scrap book he came across some mysterious footprints in the sand. “Much bigger than a human.” he mused, “Trolls!” he exclaimed as he ran back to tell the others, but on the way, he stumbled upon Timmy, who had somehow got stuck up his knees in the soft sand! After rescuing Timmy, they made it back to the others who were all looking a trifle mischievous. They burst out in fits of laughter after they revealed that it was, they who had made the mysterious footprints, incidentally after drinking the last of the ginger beer!

Sadly, the fair weather began to break. Keen eyed Dick spotted the rain in the distance and was the first in his tent! He heard the first of the raindrops hit his fly sheet closely followed by the patter of hasty footstep as the rest of the gang ran for cover. Sat in his tent he coveted a last cup of hot chocolate that he was to have while out in the wild before snuggling down in his sleeping bag for the last time. Then, apart from the sound of raindrops on canvas and howling wind for the rest of the night, silence fell eventually fell upon the camp.

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For Sale Thule Hull A Port 835-1 £50 and 4 uprights £5 each

For Sale Thule Hull A Port 835-1 £50 (Sold) and 4 uprights £5 each

For Sale 4 x Up right bars for sale.

3 of them have pads fitted.

£5 each delivered to the docks.

Contact Chris.  07771 701038

Thule Hull A Port 835-1 (Sold)

The Thule Hull A Port Kayak Rack consists of a pair of padded j-bars that support, secure and protect your kayak during transit on your car roof bars. The kayak sits on its edge in the cradle. This space-saving design allows you to carry more on your car roof rack, including a second kayak or other cargo such as a roof box or cycle carrier.

As standard, the Hull A Port 835-1 comes with a pair of 2.75m Thule roof rack straps with protective rubber buckle covers to help prevent buckle damage on your kayak. When securing the kayak in place, the roof rack strap must go around your roof rack bar as described in the fitting instructions.

The Hull A Port will fit standard Thule Square and Aero bars with the supplied fittings. An optional T-track adapter (881) is required for attaching the Hull A Port to T-track wing bars, and for slide bars you need T-track adapter 886.

Pictures below show the racks condition which is excellent.  They have never been used just stored in my garage.

£50 or nearest offer.  I can deliver to the docks.

Contact Chris.  07771 701038

Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019 Day 07 “The Famous Five and the tepee”

Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019
The Famous Five visit Lofoten” by Enid Blyton

Day 07 – Sandvika beach to waterfall campsite at back of Austpollen (15th August) by Timmy “The Famous Five and the tepee”

The night had been awfully wet and windy but the five had been snug in their tents on the sheltered beach. The group had improvised a jolly good shelter using Timmys Tarp, a paddle and a few carefully placed boulders. Dick was eating porrige as the others emerged. George was very happy as we could have a more leisurely start today. They decided to have an early elevenses and then decide on where to go for the day.

Although Timmy was a little worried at the prospect of venturing so near to Anne`s suggested “short portage across the island”, the five decided to explore Austpollen Fjord. There was even the prospect of possible camping in a bay near the top.

The group successfully navigated past Følstad klubben and the sound of running water had Anne querying the amount of water we all had left. We decided to top up anyway as it may be difficult to find in “waterfall cove”!

Just then Timmy noticed that Anne`s rear hatch had not be secured properly and barked “woof, woof”
“Thank you very much Timmy” said Anne, that could have been really serious.
Timmy then retrieved the missing hatch cover and replaced it securely on Anne’s boat.

The five continued paddling north along the steep sided Fjord. Last night’s heavy rain left the mountain tops shrouded in a vail of thick cloud.
“How very atmospheric” said Julian.
Every valley or cirque now had a major stream pouring down the hillside. The group investigated several old landing stages and headlands looking for that idyllic campsite. Upon rounding the corner, we ventured into Austpollen. Five major waterfalls roared down from above at the head of the Fjord.

“Look over there” said Dick, “a Tepee“.
“Gosh” exclaimed George. “We will have to set up guard in case we are marauded!”
“Maybe they are friendly” said Anne.

The five set about putting a little distance between the Tepee tribe and their waterfall camp.

The camp was soon made, tents erected, stove on and boats stored. The five were now very well-rehearsed at setting up camp.
“All this wonderful scenery is making me a little giddy” said Dick.
“I am just thrilled to be in such a splendid location” uttered Anne.
“It’s absolutely wizzard being able to go off on camping holidayall by ourselves” said George.

After the relatively short day the group set about relaxing, trying to dry some of their things and drinking the remainder of the ginger beer.
It turned out in the end that there was nobody living in the tepee after all. 😊

More Photos…….

The Three Amigos go Open Boating at Llangollen

The Three Amigos go Open Boating at Llangollen

There have been lots of club sea and river trips. With the recent intro to opens course being such a success, we felt it was time to get more club open boat trips. That was the plan, so Mike issued the call to all open paddlers and Ian Bell duly responded (there were others who wanted to come but were kept away by prior commitments).

The weather was mixed, but that didn’t stop us. We arrived at Llangollen, sorted out kit and decided that we were going to have a good skills day.

On the water, a quick warm up and then we headed up stream. In kayaks that normally means carrying the boat up the field. But in canoes we started with a quick wade up the first rapid. We then poled up the next rapid (Top tip – helmets and shin pads are good idea!)

At the next rapid, we used the painters to track boats up the drop. Most used painters, however Mike had removed his painter, forgotten to bring a sling, and so had to use his 15m swim line. It worked, but he then had to faff and re pack it. Did we wait for him? Err………………!


Up at the railway bridge rapid, the sun shone and we had a great time surfing and crossing. It looks really smooth in an open boat – half the paddle, twice the paddlers!



Ready for lunch, we turned and headed back to the centre – it took us rather less time and effort to get back.

Fuelled and raring to go, we ran tombstones. After that we thought about playing in the middle stopper – however it didn’t look nice, so we just had a chat with the designer of the new Venture Canoes Afon.

Then down to bottom wave where we cut it up with all the playboaters. Obviously, they couldn’t cope with the fantastic display of surfing 15 ft opens, so they left. More funtime for us!


Feeling tired, it was time to go home. Ian (death before portage) Bell tracked his boat (pulled it with ropes) up the rapid and we headed for the car park.

A fabulous day! Looking forwards to seeing more open boaters out on the river.

Ruth, Ian & Mike

Ruth Edwards

Liverpool Canoe Club is open to all and aims "to provide the maximum canoeing and kayaking opportunities for all its members"