For Sale Terra Nova Wild Country Trisar tent £75

For Sale Terra Nova Wild Country Trisar tent £75  NOW SOLD

Used about only 4 times and in first class condition. Under 3.5 kg, will fit into a round hatch on kayak.

Julian Triggs

email: julian.triggs AT


Improvers sea trip – Sunday 9 April 2017 by Sarah Horton

In February and March this year I was one of a group on a club run course for ‘sea kayak improvers’. This was led by Gareth Jones, with Alan Peachment and John Fay. I am a novice sea kayaker, having only started kayaking last spring. Having achieved my one star with the club (and can I thank my coaches for ‘wet week’), I’ve continued my learning by doing several beginner and intromediate courses on Anglesey, and some one to one coaching. I know from talking to other novice kayakers that it can feel frustrating that you don’t feel confident enough to join in club trips, for fear that you will be the least able or


will hold the group back – so having a course that was aimed at improvers was a great opportunity, and everyone got a lot out of it.

We spent three mornings in the dock looking at technique and then had a trip out to the River Dee on 26 February 2017. A report and photos of that trip by me are here

and also by Hannah Bellamy here

Gareth and the LCC leaders and coaches organised another trip aimed at us improvers, this time to Anglesey. This was offered first to the improvers who’d done the course, and then to the whole club. It was very well attended – there were 15 ‘improvers’ and 9 ‘helpers’ on the final list.

We all arrived at our start point for the day – Bull Bay in north Anglesey – around 9.30am on the Sunday morning. Some of us had stayed or camped the night before, others had met up at Llanfairpwllgwyngyll train station car park having driven over that morning.

It was a sunny morning, and there was a reluctance to don our cags and drysuits too soon in case we over-heated. Eager to get going Gareth duly split us up into four groups, each with two leaders. I thought this was a great way to manage the numbers, plus it also meant that everyone was in a group of five or six. As a novice kayaker I really appreciated this. I felt safe, I felt that I was given plenty of attention and it made for a really enjoyable day.

Pete Thomas and John Worswick led my group. We made our way from Bull Bay to Porth Wen at a nice steady pace, stopping often to make use of the features for practising techniques. Although the sun had left us soon after we set off, conditions were good. We avoided most of the south westerly wind by staying close to the cliffs, there was little swell and on the way out we were with the ebb tide. Pete and John stopped often to check in with the group and talk about how the water looked, what to expect round headlands and to encourage us to observe the wind and conditions for ourselves, to learn from the experience.

We arrived at Porth Wen and all the groups took time there for lunch. There was a good peaceful buzz and atmosphere as paddlers chatted and I felt like I was getting to know more names and faces from the club. Porth Wen – if you’ve not been – is a classic sea kayaking trip and has the remains of an old brickworks which are an impressive backdrop for your lunch.

After lunch we set off for the return trip, against the tide, but expecting the wind as forecast to have picked up as a westerly behind us. The wind didn’t pick up and the sun actually came out again for a while and we had a gentle, peaceful return trip. Pete and John kept up their gentle encouragement and me, Dom and Catriona all felt our rock hopping skills and confidence had been improved.

Arriving back at Bull Bay both John and Dom volunteered to capsize so rescue skills were discussed and practiced – this was optional! Loading up the boats and getting changed there was happy paddler banter and I felt you could sense that everyone had had a really good day, I know I had.

As a novice paddler I really relish these opportunities to have a good day, but also to learn from others who are more experienced. It is a great way to get more time on the water and to build confidence. And for me that’s been hugely helpful.

So thanks to everyone who was on the trip, and to the helpers, and to Gareth for organising it. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

More Photos at……….

Sea Kayaking Lanzarote, April 1st-5th by Elle Jackson

After picking up a flyer in NWK back in December seven members of LCC decided to book a paddling trip to Lanzarote. We were picked up from our hotel by Juan Valencia and headed off to catch the ferry from Orzola to the island of La Graciosa. The plan was to paddle from the port to Playa Montana Amarilla.

However, the windy conditions and big swell prevented us from paddling around the headland and so we landed at Playa La Francesca. After chilling out on the beach for a while and watching some surfers on a huge wave we paddled back to the port in some fairly challenging conditions.

Day 2 was a more serene affair. Staying closer to our base in Playa Blanca we paddled the area around Papagayo, stopping for lunch and some snorkelling.

Juan was a fantastic guide and a pleasure to paddle with. All the equipment was excellent (NDK and P&H kayaks, Celtic paddles etc), as was lunch prepared by Juan! We would recommend other LCC members check out Sea Kayaking Lanzarote.

Paddlers: Elle Jackson, Steve Bond, Ann Hopper, Don Brooks, Gerard, Mike & Rosie Jackson.


For Sale Yellow and white Tahe Marine Reval Mini sea kayak £875

On the basis of the following ad on eBay, I bought this boat in November 2016:

Yellow and white Tahe Marine Reval Mini sea kayak. I bought this kayak new from Kayaking Kit in Fordingbridge in 2014.   It is the carbon Kevlar hull, not just the normal fibreglass construction. 

It is a very attractive boat and always gets lots of attention when I take it out.   It is suitable for small to medium sized paddlers. If using the foot pegs I would estimate 5ft 10 to be the tallest the kayak would take but if the foot pegs are taken
out and the bulkhead used to brace against, a taller person could fit in.   I am 5ft 8in and 70 kg and it fits me perfectly. Two friends have tried it and it fitted them both – one a small 5ft 4in and one a larger built 5ft 10in. It is definitely a low volume kayak and is the smallest in the Reval series.   I have used it on the Jurassic coast and in Scotland plus some trips across to the Isle of Wight but it has not been abused. There are marks on the hull as would be expected from two years’ use but no damage. 

I had a keel strip fitted to protect the V section of the hull.  The kayak is very manoeuvrable and playful due to a lot of rocker.   It keeps up with longer sea kayaks. 

Length 483cm 15ft 10inch,  Width 52cm 20.5inch
 There is a review on Solent Sea kayaking:

I would agree with all of the above.  In calm conditions, this kayak is a joy to paddle.  It is certainly the quickest boat that I’ve ever owned.  Its first outing was a solo return trip from Crosby to Burbo windfarm, and I felt very comfortable in it.  However, in rougher water it feels just a bit too tippy for me.  For a smaller person, or one with more refined paddling skills, it could well be ideal.

At around 19kg, this kayak is very easy to manoeuvre when off the water.  I can lift it straight onto the car’s roof rack without any difficulty.  A concise summary of the boat’s features can be found at:

Any trial is possible, at the Docks maybe or Kingsway?  The asking price is £875.

Robin Emley
0151 426 3472
07855 297068
rae1066-kayak AT

No Fear for the Weir by Steve Stanford

Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. Even though my nerves and anxiety got the best of me, I enjoyed the day.  Hopefully we can make this a regular occurrence.  Quick question though, how can you check the water levels for the weir?

The weir is tidal, so it comes and goes with the tide.  High tide at Chester,  when there is no weir, is approximately 1hr 5 min after high tide in Liverpool.  So if you get there at high tide there is little or nothing to play on.   Additionally, we are requested not to go there a few hours either side of high tide due to migrating fish. That’s fair enough.   As the tide falls then the steps and weir main face become more and more visible. The more it falls the more steps to play on.  Similarly as the tide begins to rise the weir and steps disappear.

Obviously the flow coming down the river will have an affect as well, but the info above is best to work out if there is going to be anything to play on.

Here are 28 days tide tables. Updated daily. Change the last word in the link to get different tide tables.

Reel Paddling Film Festival – 8th November at the Liverpool Marina 

8 of the best short films from this year’s entry. This is the only UK showing of this unique collection of films – free (if booked in advance) to any club member. Do not miss this great chance to see these films. Click here for more information and to reserve your seat…..

BOTELLA – 5m 17s
The Rio Alseseca in Mexico descends from a dormant volcano high above Veracruz in a ceaseless torrent of waterfalls. It’s a wildly majestic river that is one of the most unique in the world. Beloved as a paddler’s playground, the river plummets its way through towns and villages, which fill its banks and eddies with filth and forgotten things. A legion of paddlers believe a race through this beautiful waterscape might be the best way to save it.


What is it that draws us to water? Why do thoughts of rivers, lakes and oceans invade our daydreams and keep us lying awake at night? Is it the thrill of adventure, the solitude of wild places, or the friendships made along the way? It’s all of these things, and many more. Drawn to Water, the latest film from NRS, explores the inspiration that rivers, lakes and oceans bring to our lives.

DIRECTOR: Skip Armstrong, PRODUCER: Jacob Boling and Mark Deming

EYES OF GOD – 24m 33s
(WINNER: Whitewater Film, sponsored by Ottawa Valley)
Thirty-three-year-old Tomass Marnics from Latvia has put together an international team of extreme kayakers. Together they plan to descend the legendary Saryjaz River. The expedition will take the adventurers directly to the Eyes of God, a mystical cliff face reminiscent of an enormous human face, in theno-man’s land between Kyrgyzstan and China.


(WINNER: Sea Kayaking Film, sponsored by Trak
Discover the experiences of Irish paddlers, Sean Cahil and Jon Hynes, as they complete their lifelong dream to circumnavigate the rugged wild Atlantic coastline of Ireland. Many have paddled this famed coast but this duo brings it to life with this visually stunning, informative and often funny documentary. The message is clear: “Drop what you’re doing, and go chase your dream adventure!”

DIRECTOR: Jon Hynes, PRODUCER: Cian Walsh


(WINNER: Instructional Film, sponsored by Thompson Rivers University)

Sea Kayak Essentials Volume 2 is a valuable resource for sea kayakers wishing to paddle safely in open-water conditions, develop problem avoidance strategies and effective rescue techniques.

PRODUCER: Matthew Giblin and Nick Cunliffe

THE CANOE – 26m 21s
(WINNER: Canoeing Film, sponsored by Silverbirch)

“If it is love that binds people to places in this nation of rivers and in this river of nations, then one enduring expression of that simple truth is surely the canoe.” —James Raffan, adventurer, acclaimed author and director emeritus of the Canadian Canoe Museum. This short documentary film captures the remarkable bond created by Canada’s well-loved national symbol—the canoe. Illustrated by the stories of five paddling enthusiasts across the province of Ontario, Canada, viewers see firsthand how the canoe fosters connection between families, landscapes, traditional Canadian cultures and our inner selves. The film underscores the strength of the canoe and human spirit, and how the canoe is a vessel for creating deep and meaningful connections. This film is a reflection of what Canadian canoe culture looks like today.


WHY – 6m 43s
In the GoPro age, images of extreme feats flood social media streams. Climbers, slackliners, mountain bikers and paddlers do things that appear to most people insane, and the action may seem empty when we don’t understand the motivation behind it. Why, we ask. Why do they do this? WHY goes beyond the spectacle of extreme kayaking in search of an elusive answer.

DIRECTOR: Hugo Clouzeau, PRODUCER: We Are Hungry

UP SURFING BARBADOS – 9m 34s (WINNER: SUP Film, sponsored by Pelican)

Explore the varied and dramatic landscape of the beautiful island of Barbados in search of the perfect wave. From the white sand beaches of the populated Southwest to the rugged coastline and world-class breaks of the northeast, Jimmy, Casi, Matt and Connor are welcomed by colorful locals in town and on the waves.

Producer – Heliconia, Director: Anthony Poulin

kayaking (canoeing) technique by Ivan Lawler

A very detailed analysis of kayaking (canoeing) technique by Ivan Lawler, seven times world champion. The masterclass was held at Richmond Canoe Club in January 2017.

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Liverpool Canoe Club Newsletter Published
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