River Weaver paddle 02/06/18 by John Fay

River Weaver paddle 02/06/18 by John Fay

Over the past few weeks myself and Phil Edwards have been doing a few easy recreational paddles.

We’ve done The Bridgewater canal from Lymm, through Stockton Heath and Walton Hall gardens down to GoKayaking.

We’ve paddle from the Brindley Theatre in Runcorn again on the Bridgewater canal to GoKayaking from the other direction. We’ve met at the Runcorn rowing club for a familiar paddle to the Dutton locks and back on the Weaver Navigation. But on Saturday 2nd of June we headed to The Leigh Arms on Warrington Road where Phil had previously arranged parking with the landlady on the pub car park. From the car park it’s very easy access to the River Weaver next to the road bridge.

So, we launched and went left heading towards the Anderton boat lift. After about half an hour we arrived at a lock which had we portaged around it would have kept us on the main river. Instead we decided to bear right and explore the little used narrow and overgrown sections of the river.

Time and time again we thought we had come to a dead end has trees spread themselves over the water and blocked our view of the river ahead. As the river wound through the countryside we just didn’t know what was around the next bend.

After a couple of hours, we arrived at what looked to me like a mini Niagara Falls. A large curved

structure with water pouring over from the main river above. White foam floated on the surface of the water resembling snow. Unless we climbed over the sluice gate at the left side we could go no further. The banks were far too high and overgrown to attempt going around. So, after a lunch break we slowly drifted back with the assistance of the slight flow of the river.

At about 16:30 we arrived back at the Leigh Arms where after loading boats onto the cars we enjoyed a cool drink and a bowl of chips.

These paddles we do are quiet and very relaxing, but they are full of wildlife and history. At this time of year everything is blooming providing some stunning scenery. You could be anywhere.

Report by John Fay

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Dukes Dock-Adventure Dock – Please keep clear

We have always had a good relationship with the Canal and River Trust and as a consequence have few restrictions on our access agreement.  We have always said that “WE WILL ALWAYS KEEP CLEAR OF OTHER WATER USERS”.   Please keep to this edict as there is plenty of space within the docks.

Dukes dock is clearly out of bounds while the new inflatable adventure dock is in use (especially on a busy bank holiday weekend).   Just like if there were a swimming event on or a race we would always keep clear.

Subject: Dukes Dock-Adventure Dock

Hello All

As you will now be aware Adventure Dock (floating obstacle course) is now operating in Dukes Dock. The operator has been granted permission to operate between May 1st and October 31st each year.  Because of the nature of the business (i.e. customers falling from the obstacles into water), please make sure, that as a water user, you do not come within 20 meters of the structure. This means that you will be unable to paddle/paddleboard/row/motor around the structure in Dukes Dock, between these dates.  There is concern from the operator that water users are ignoring the advice and instruction from the Adventure Dock lifeguards, which is unacceptable. Liverpool South Docks is a busy waterspace, so please consider the other users when enjoying your individual activity.

As a control measure, the operator plans to place two lines of buoys, shown on the plan below.


Please do not cross these buoys when they are put in place.

Thanks for your co-operation.


The Orme

It was a late shout, but Ian Bell decided to join me for a leisurely paddle around the Great Orme.

Launching at West Shore, close to high tide so as to avoid a carry in, we paddled around to Llandudno where Mr Punch appeared to be assaulting a policeman.

Lunch enjoyed, it was back the way we came. Alas no seals on the way back

A great LCC day on the sea.

Mike Alter, Ian Bell

A general round up of Pembroke 2018

Short boats and long boats met at Newgale ready to enjoy the bank holiday on the Pembroke coast. Some had arrived early and spent Friday walking around the headland at Marloes Sands. No surf was forecast for the weekend. The short boats went for a paddle around the cliffs and caves going from Dale to Watwick Bay on Saturday, while the long boats went a little further to Dale West where there were a few little waves for them to play in. Lyn had got up early for a trip to Skomer and came back with reports of seeing Puffins close up and an Owl. Saturday evening the rain stayed away and the BBQ was lit before the wind picked up into the evening. Some of the group headed into Haverfordwest to grab a bite and watch the football.

On Sunday a few went for a morning walk and scramble on the cliffs. The long boats went over the gravel barrier to paddle 30 km along St David’s Peninsula with a detour to the Green and Black Scar islands just offshore. The short boats went south to shelter from the morning’s wind under the cliffs. They paddled from Norton Haven to Druidston Haven, surfing the clean little waves that they found along the way and walking up the beach to explore some cave rock pools. A second BBQ was lit after an evening paddle/cliff walk from Abereiddy round the headland to the Blue Lagoon. Monday was an early start for some who fancied a trip to see the puffins and flowers on Skomer Island. Others went for a cycle to Solva, pottered on the beach at Newgale and had a paddle on the way home.


Pembroke Bank Holiday Camping Trip Saturday 26th May St Ann`s Head

Pembroke Bank Holiday Camping Trip Saturday 26th May St Ann`s Head

Ten of us left on Saturday Morning for Dale. There was optimist dinghy racing on in the bay, so the car park was a little full. After unloading our kayaks some of use moved our cars to the free beach about a half a mile up the road where hopefully, the tide would be in on our return.

We headed off around the point which had an old castle (now a field studies centre). After a couple of bays, we came across the light house and coast guard station on the end of St Ann`s Head.

This marked the entrance to Pembroke dock and Milford Heaven (sheltered water for some very large oil tankers and ferries).

We paddled on round the headland and passed several rocky cliffs and points. Eventually we came across Westdale bay. This had a beautiful sandy beach and a small wave which caught a few of us unaware. Nice hand roll Tony!

After a relatively short lunch we headed back to Dale for ice cream and coffee.

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Chester Weir – Paddling on Wednesdays from Sandy Lane CH3 5UT

We have been meeting at Sandy Lane and then paddling down to the weir at Chester for the past three Wednesdays now. The venue is ideal as an introduction to moving water with a number of small drops and ledges. It has an easy shoot at the bottom to practise break in and outs and ferry Glides.
There are often number of other clubs there but just ask for Liverpool Canoe Club.

Location and more information……….

Ciaran, Dom and Nick playing on the weir


Tall Ships Parade Docks Paddle – Monday 28 May 2018 by Julie Brookes

Eighteen paddlers, in various kayaks and 2 open canoes, paddled the docks today hoping to see the Tall Ships Parade of Sail.

After a leisurely paddle we entered the Albert Dock, which of course was rather empty, the tall ships etc. having now assembled in the River Mersey after exiting through the Hartley Bridge into Canning Half-Tide Dock and then into the river.

We then paddled into the Salthouse Dock and stacked our boats neatly on the slipway by the bandstand and proceeded to walk around the dock complex to the Flagpole on the waterfront.  On arrival we were greeted by gun fire from HMS Suffolk who, I believe, was leading the parade with the water siphon tug boat just ahead.  The gun fire was to signal the start of the parade.


H,M.S. Suffolk

I couldn’t get all the photos I wanted as the crowds lining the waterfront were, in some place, 3 to 4 people deep.  The Parade of Sail then began and below are a small selection of the ships involved, many being sail training ships.





After walking back to the bandstand slipway and a few “munchies” we set off for the return stopping by “Seal Island” for a bit of fun and games.  We had jumpers, seal launching, and very brave “swimmers”.






We then made a slow return in the glorious sunshine via the Watersports to the slipway.  It had been a lovely day and I think we timed it just right for the Parade.

Julie Brookes

Liverpool Canoe Club


29th Liverpool Waters international Canoe Polo Tournament by Norman Cook

29th Liverpool Waters international Canoe Polo Tournament

A big congratulations to the Liverpool youth team for winning the 29th Liverpool Waters International Canoe Polo competitions class 4 division on the 26th and 27th of May over the bank holiday weekend starring Aaron, Callum, John, Luke, Dean and Myles.

Winning all four games on the Saturday (with Deano Scoring two against his brother’s team Liverpool Coburg) and a further two wins on the Sunday to end the league format unbeaten in six and moving into the knockout stages of the competition.

After a long wait with some false starts on the Sunday they won their semi-final 3-2 despite being 2-0 down and Deano being subbed after being struck with a paddle by one of his own team mates (Callum).

Then to the final against Liverpool Coburg which then won 4-3 with a superb hattrick from Luke and hung on despite a late fightback by Coburg.

Congratulations to both teams, first and second for a great weekend.

Norman Cook (team coach)

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