River Dee by John Allerton

Sunny Day again on the Dee – Lee I hold my hand up to you anyone who paddles one of them C1 things …..deserves a medal. Gary / Dave excellent skills and Stuart thanks for keeping Kieron amused.

Posted by John Allerton on Saturday, 8 July 2017

Come and try canoe polo morning – Sunday 16th July 10:00am to Midday.

Have you ever wanted to try canoe polo?  This is a non-contact, skilful game played in kayaks with a ball.  It is similar to netball and basketball with teams of 5.  It teaches you manoeuvring and kayak handing skills, confidence in a kayak and is a fun team sport.

Josh Cook and most of the Brunswick polo team will be on the water to guide and look after you.  Age does not matter but you should have some basic paddling experience to get the most out of the session.  If you can paddle a kayak, turn, can draw the boat sideways then you have all the skills needed.   We have all the equipment you will need (boats, paddles, helmet and buoyancy aids). Just come along to the morning session at our compound at the docks 10:00am to 12:00 midday.   Open to all club members no matter the age.

For sale Rockpool Alaw Bach £1750

I am seriously thinking of selling my Rockpool Alaw Bach, to buy another  Rockpool Alaw Bach.   NOW SOLD

These kayaks just do not come up for sale second hand very often. Mine is a few years old and in excellent condition.

I had a glass fibre keel strip professionally fitted last year, It did not have any marks in that area and was fitted before any were caused. There are some very minor scratches from beach landings, but nothing to cause concern.

The hatches are water tight and fitted with quality Kajak covers.

There is a ballast retaining setup in the day hatch, for lighter paddlers.

This is a spur of the moment decision and if it does not sell, I am very happy to keep it

I am asking £1750 or very near offer.

TELEPHONE:- 0151 526 9701   email bob.hamilton-2017 AT outlook.com



For Sale – Pyranha Rebel – Rapid spec: £240

Kayak suitable for child – optimum paddler weight 25-50kgs / 55- 110lbs  Now Sold

Rebel spec has outfitting specifically designed for kids, with padded seat,

adjustable back rest and hip pads.

Very good clean condition – usual WW marks to bottom but no dents or gouges.

Contact: Keith 07544 726 045

Cemlyn Bay to Brickworks & Return – Saturday by Jonathan Maddock

Andy, Lynette, Tony & I set off from Cemyln Bay shortly after 10am, having had a faff-free start. Yay! The weather was great and the sea was calm, so we bimbled along the coast, rock-hopping and enjoying the sun. Although it was nearly Springs, Andy had timed the tides nicely for us and there was nothing daunting in terms of tide races. There was a bit pushing off the headland between the porcelain factory and brickworks, so we had a bit of a play in the waves, before stopping at the brickworks for lunch. We were joined by Lynette’s partner  Mike, who had been keeping up with us on his bike, cycling along the coastal path.

Unfortunately the brickworks have recently been hit by graffiti and were “overcamped” when we arrived, so it was hard to take photos that showed the character of the place. Luckily, we had the beach to ourselves and lazed in the sun, before heading back. We headed out from the cliffs to catch the tide, which soon pushed us back into Cemlyn Bay.

Thanks to Andy for organising and leading us & thanks also to Lynette, Tony & Mike for the company!

John Maddock           More Photos……….


LCC Rhosneigr Anglesey weekend, 7-9 July 2017 by Jenny Brown

A rainy drive down the A55 after work on Friday cleared into a pleasant evening when crossing Britannia Bridge onto Anglesey. After some confusion as to which group of kayakers to join the majority of LCC members pitched up in the far corner of Bodfan farm ready for a weekend of paddling.

In the morning the stray paddlers were rounded up from the outskirts of the Ribble canoe club’s plot. With a sunny start to Saturday the little boats went to 4 mile bridge and the long boats headed to south stack.  Those heading to the Alps were busy practising their rolls in the safety of the inland sea, while Sarah and Jack improved their moving water inflatable boat skills.

More Photos……….

Everyone returned to camp to form BBQ groups to enjoy the full moon by firelight. On Sunday another calm day allowed the sea paddlers to circumnavigate Holy Island. The others set off to Trearddur Bay or went swimming in Rhosneigr.  Another successful weekend, with more members than I managed to count!

New parking restrictions at the docks

New parking restrictions at the docks – No more parking on any road (whether it has a single yellow line or no line!)

Please be aware the parking situation has recently changed at the Marina and surrounding access roads.  You are no longer allowed to park on the single yellow line or the side road with no road markings as new signs have been put up indicating a £100 fine.

The good news is that we have 3 options:

1/ Park in the free British Waterways slipway carpark next to the barrier by our compound.  This has space for about 8 cars.

2/ Park in the Marina pay car park and get up to 3 hours free by entering your car registration number into the iPad like device on the left hand side of the bar at the marina.  You do not need to buy anything – just find the white iPad like screen and enter your reg.


3/ Use the concrete beach next to the compound – the barrier may be opened by the session coordinator when she or he opens the main compound.  Please be aware the barrier will be locked when people are on the water and will only be opened again at the end of the paddling session.

This has all come about because of excessive illegal parking on pavements, double yellow lines etc from residents, fisherman and other docks users.

  • Please remember to park carefully in a line on the left (top) of the beach (Facing the garage and building in order to get maximum number of cars on).
  • Do not make excessive noise around the area or moored boats.
  • Please do not make waves or a large wake in the area around the moored house boats.
  • Never, ever go near the moored boats or touch / knock them with a paddle or kayak, even accidentally as this really upsets the boat users and sounds much worse from inside the craft.
  • In general only use the beach to launch and return, do not play or stay in the launching area on a club paddle.
  • PS always do the zips up on buoyancy aids and hang back up.

56,000 km to the Skerries

I have never been to the Skerries before, so when the trip was advertised I jumped at the chance. 

The trip to the Skerries is a serious undertaking, they are a group of offshore islands surrounded by tidal races and overfalls (up to 6kn in speed) that you encounter in each direction. For this trip it was scheduled to be blue skies, light winds and neap tides – so all good for a first trip. Even better, the Skerries is a key RSPB reserve, and the birds were due to be nesting.

Under sunny skies the group met at Cemlyn bay, sorted kit and headed off. The winds were slightly stronger than forcast, but nothing we could not cope with, and the tides were timed to perfection. A dog leg route due to the tides saw us landing on the islands with pinpoint precesion.

The islands were great, a fantastic lighthouse on a rocky outcrop that has a really remote feel. The sunshine helped the feeling as well! Properly fed it was time to explore. 

This is where it gets dangerous. Cap on to prevent being dive bombed, you stick to the path and watch your  footing. Even then, care must be taken not to disturb the birds who have taken a rather circuitous 56,000km round trip to the Antarctic – wow! Thats some trip for a small bird. 

After marvelling at the Terns it was time to oggle the Puffins – Aww (Cracking shots Mr Blake) 

All too soon it was time to leave the island, play in more races and head back to the start. 

Cracking trip

Hull International Canoe Polo

The Hull International Canoe Polo Tournament is held at Dacre Lakeside Park, NewRoad, Brandesburton, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 8RT.  This site is ideal as camping is right next to the lake and the four polo pitches there.  All the facilities are on site and the sun even came out on both days.

A good day for our div 4 team today – played 4, won 4. Loads of goals from our juniors with some really good build up play. It was clear that our juniors developed in game experience and confidence as the day progressed.

Penrith B gave us a tough game in the morning but our speed up front let to 3 break away goals.  Sheffield University proved a good match for our younger players but they eventually defeated them easily scoring many goals in the process. Played 6 and won 6 gave us a place in the final. Manvers were a strong team that had also won all their games.  Most of their players were senior and played in higher divisions but we still gave them a good game narrowly loosing 2 goals to one.

More photos…….


For Sale Thule Aerobars £50

(pre curser to the newer wingbars) plus feet and adapter kit for Ford Mondeo  2007 -2014 and Ford Focus 2011 onwards and probably a few other cars as well. Check www.roofbox.co.uk to find out.   Now Sold

The feet and adapters are for use on cars with no roof rails and the include the locking keys.

The bars are a few years old and subsequently have plenty of superficial marks on them but have plenty of life in them yet. I have replaced the tracks with brand new rubber inserts.

These specs for the feet and adapters are listed below with the prices on roofbox.co.uk- I can’t find the code for the aerobar as they don’t sell them any more but the equivalent wing bar sells at £80.

Cost about £190 new, looking for £50.

Cheers  Chris
chris5x AT hotmail.co.uk
07881 844 311

Core components:
Foot Pack: Thule Rapid System gutterless feet (4) no. 754 £79.15 [X]
Adapter Kit: Thule Rapid System adapter kit no. 1449 £34.95 [X]

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