Tidal Predictions – anyTide app

If you’re interested in having access to tidal predictions between UK tide gauge locations the National Oceanography Centre have released a tidal predictions app anyTide. This provides tidal elevation and current information at 1.8 km intervals around the UK coastline, http://noc.ac.uk/business/marine-data-products/anytide

For those of you who use the UK Hydrographic Office EasyTide predictions, these are based on software developed by the National Oceanography Centre. So the data at tide gauge locations should be the same.

YOUR HELP NEEDED AGAIN before 30 Sep! Please reply to Welsh Government Consultation on Improving Paddlesport Access

I appreciate that not everyone has encountered trouble on the rivers – but unfortunately it does happen. NOW is the time to advise the Welsh Assembly of why access to rivers should be formalised. PLEASE can all paddlers take the time to provide a response to the Welsh Assembly as per the email below.

It may also help if you forward the message to any friends and family who like to go for a swim in the river, or take the kids to paddle their toes.
Thanks in advance

It is vital that the Welsh Government receives as many individual responses as possible, so we have prepared a template for you to use to support our own response, at:
Follow the on-screen instructions to submit a response direct to the Welsh Government by midnight 30 Sep (or if you’d prefer an editable Word version, contact me for a copy).
The more responses they receive, the better – so please do it now! And encourage all your paddling friends to do the same!

For those of you who want to see all the detail, the draft of our full response (to which we expect to add a bit more detail between now and the 30 Sep deadline) is attached.
Thanks again,
Steve Rayner OBE
Waterways & Environment Officer

DRAFT v2_0 Canoe Wales & British Canoeing response to Welsh Government Consultation

For Sale – Dagger Dynamo 7.4 Pro Junior Kayak & kit – £250

Now Sold

My son has outgrown this kayak but it is in good condition with the usual scratches but nothing serious and has plenty of life in it yet. This is the pro version with the thigh braces and would suit a junior paddler from 6 to 10 yrs. (some websites say 12 yrs but if that’s the case my kids must have long legs!) It also comes with two airbags.

Full spec here http://www.manchester-canoes-and-kayaks.co.uk/kayaks-for-children/dagger-dynamo.htm

There is also a lot of kit as follows;

TNP paddle 180cm
Dynamo spraydeck
Palm Cag
CRS Buoyancy aid
Nookie 3/4 neoprene pants
Short sleeve Nookie rash vest (6 to 8 yrs)
Long sleeve Nookie rash vest (6 to 8 yrs)
2 x  whitewater helmets (one with broken strap but still usable with gaffa tape- the other one is brand new)
Gul water sports shoes size 4 (nearly new)

Call or message Chris on 07881844311 or email chris5x AT hotmail.co.uk

For Sale Robson Waikiki £300


I have for sale an 11foot Robson Waikiki, in good condition with the usual wear and tear. It’s an ideal first time boat, very stable in lumpy seas and the makers claim it is the fastest boat in its class. The keel and skeg make this boat track like a train. It has a rear waterproof hatches that can hold a considerable amount. My only criticism is, it’s a bit weighty. The boat has been garaged when not in use.

Steve Lewtas    07708657460.  slewtas@yahoo.co.uk


Club weekends and major events for the Club 2017 to 2018 

Club weekends and major events for the Club 2017 to 2018 – for more detail check the online Club Calendar…..

22 – 24th September 2017 Anglesey Weekend #4 Click for more and to book a place – based at Outdoor Alternative Rhoscolyn  – coordinator Peter Massey.
11th October 2017 Club AGM and paddler of the year Awards (Talk and DVD from the Alps trip)
27 – 29th October 2017 Dave Blake 5 “O” weekend at Anglesey Outdoors
8th November 2017 Real Paddling Film Festival (World Tour of films) More information……..
29th March to 2nd April 2018 Easter Bank Holiday Scotland Trip based at Blackwater Hostel – Click for more and to book a place….
29th March – 10th April 2018 Nepal Sun Khosi River Trip (Kayaking and Rafting) – coordinator Keith Steer.
29th April 2018 Club Open Day at the Compound at the Docks.  Try different  disciplines, junior session, come and try it session for non-members, Sunday tour of the docks. Bring and buy sale for any canoe or kayaking gear.
4th – 6th May 2018 Anglesey Weekend #1  Click for more and to book a place – based at Tyn Rhos Trearddur Bay  – coordinator Peter Massey.
25 – 28th May 2018 Pembroke Bank Holiday Weekend Click for more and to book a place – based at Whitesands Camping  – coordinator Jenny Brown.
15 – 17th June 2018 Anglesey Junior Club Weekend #2 Click for more and to book a place – based at Anglesey Outdoors LL65 2LP coordinator Keith Steer.
29th June – 1 July 2018 Anglesey Weekend #3 Click for more and to book a place – based at Bodfan Farm, Rhosneigr  – coordinator Jenny Brown.
15th July 2018 Hilbre Island Race – Club event for all  More information……..
20th July to 5th August 2018 Alpine Holiday Alpine Rivers Holiday – Briancon France  Coordinator Keith Steer
16th to 30th August 2018 Sea Kayak Alaska – Coordinator Keith Steer
27th to 30th September 2018 Anglesey Weekend #4 Click for more and to book a place – based at Outdoor Alternative Rhoscolyn  – coordinator Peter Massey.

“Paddler of the Year” Nominations for our 2017 Awards are now requested


Nominations for our 2017 Awards are now requested – If you would like to nominate a fellow paddler please send an email to: website@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk with a brief (no more than 60 words) summary of why they are being nominated and ideally a photo of them.  (please include any video or other material you may have.

See this year’s nominations by clicking here……….

Winners of our four Club “Paddler of the year” Awards will be presented at our AGM on Wednesday 11th October 2017

During August/ September we will be taking nominations from club members for:

  • 2017 Nominations for Paddler of the year (club member who has either made the most progress or achievement in paddlesport)
  • 2017 Nominations for Young Paddler of the year (Under 18 club member who has made either the most progress or achievement in paddlesport)
  • 2017 Nominations for Volunteer of the year (Club member who has given their services to help the club)
  • 2017 Nominations for Swimmer of the year (Club member who has had the best out of boat experience)

Tide & Time – Exhibition in Liverpool

Tide & Time is an exhibition at the National Oceanography Centre Liverpool. It’s free to visit and you’ll find out about how tides are and were predicted around the UK,  http://www.tide-and-time.uk/


Come discover the role Tidal Science had in turning Liverpool into a major port and the city it is today. Tide Predicting Machines are analogue computers designed to simulate the rise and fall of the ocean tide. The two Tide Predicting Machines in this exhibition – the Doodson-Légé machine and the Roberts-Légé machine – can be viewed by the public once a month. Both machines spent their working lives at predecessors of the National Oceanography Centre: the Liverpool Tidal Institute and at Bidston Observatory. The Roberts-Légé was one of two Tide Predicting Machines used during planning of the Normandy invasion in WWII.

Dove Point – New Brighton by John Fay

A last minute arrangement to paddle took us to Dove Point on the Wirral with a plan to kayak to New Brighton and back. High tide was 12:20 so we met at 10am and waited for the channel to fill up. A small fishing boat and a sail boat were waiting also.

After a brief chat with the RNLI coastguard crew watching the goings on along that stretch of coast we were off. The fishing boat chugged along in front of us and soon the sailing boat went past with a friendly wave from her captain.

We had two hours each way if we wanted to arrive back at the slipway before it became void of water so we maintained a steady pace soon passing the 110ft Leasowe lighthouse first constructed in 1763.

It was operational up until July 1908 with the only known female lighthouse keeper in those days, a Mrs Williams.

The weather was warm attracting lots of visitors along the shoreline. Approaching Moreton beach we again met a RNLI crew member but this time lying on his surfboard just ahead of us.

Another brief chat ended with some advice to stay out a little to avoid the water covered groins that stretched out from the shore into the sea. One of those groins could easily rip the hull of a kayak if hit.

Two hours soon pass when your engaged in conversation and it became clear that we were not going to reach the lighthouse today.

It was high tide which gave us another two hours to get back or we would be punished with a walk through the wet sand dragging our kayaks behind. Probably much to the amusement of the residents watching out of their windows along the promenade.

Unfortunately due to too much chatting and not enough navigating we went back a little too far out resulting in a walk of shame across the sand banks to the deeper channel we had taken on the outward journey.

As this trip was Julie’s idea I promptly asked to be removed from her mailing list.

Anyway we made it to the slipway finishing the trip with our dignity intact. All we had to do now was enjoy Julie’s usual supply of sausage rolls, cakes and biscuits.

A great paddle with good company.

Report by John Fay

More photos……

Sun Khosi 9 day trip Easter 2018 (Dates and details)

Hi all,

The good news is that flight prices have just dropped a little – currently £520.

This means that to full trip will cost approximately £1150

Most would like to make use of Easter Bank holiday dates so I propose:

Fly out at 21:30 from Birmingham on Thursday 29th March – arrive Kathmandu on Friday 30th – hotel in Thamel distict.  Picked up on Saturday for 3 hr bus trip to top of the Sun Khosi, 8 nights on the river, 15hr  bus journey back to Kathmandu and night in hotel.  Those that want to fly out the next day Monday 9th April arriving back at 18:00 later that day – some may like to stay 1 or more days to sight see and tour around.  I will probably choose to fly back on the Tuesday 10th April giving an extra day to explore Kathmandu.

This minimises the days off work – only 5 needed !!!!

The good news is that people can Raft or kayak so non-paddling partners can join in.

I have negotiated about $115 off the normal price.

£ 516.28  $ 650.00 Rafting  $650
£ 615.57  $ 775.00 Kayaking  $775  (still need to bring on paddle & kit)
£ 516.28  $ 650.00 Kayak with own boat  $650

If you would like more information or are interested in going contact website@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk