Puffin Island by Karl Winrow

I probably don’t need to tell anyone it was cold but… in a wet suit with wet boots its another level 😂. To compound matters I tore my neck seal on the cag while stretching it over my fat head 😏.

With only short daylight hours we set off from the beach just before Penmon Priory and headed east toward Puffin island. I could see breaking waves ahead in the channel so we tentatively entered, in the back of my mind was the knowledge that I cannot under any circumstances fall in, so feeling less brave than usual we picked our way through the smaller swells to the island.

On approach we were greeted by the sight of a hundred seals all hauled out on the shrinking beach. It wasn’t long before curiosity got the better of them and we were surrounded😀😀.

We detoured on the way back across to visit the light house before being rewarded with the glimpse of about 3 porpoises fishing in the tide race.

A nice hot lunch was had on the beach (where I decided to leave my camera for the night🤢) and just before leaving I boiled up some seawater to pour in to my boots!!

A short but very rewarding paddle and a chill out weekend..literally 😂😂


Alpine Paddling Holiday in July/ August 2018

I am looking for expressions of interest for anyone who is thinking of joining the Alpine Paddling Holiday in July/ August 2018.   There are places available on the minibus or for you to make your own way out.  Either way, please just reply to the email indicating whether you are interested in a minibus place(s) or self-drive.  The location is ideal for both experienced and less experienced river paddlers.  Sections of Grade 2 to Grade 4+ (5)       More information………

Contact Keith Steer if you would like more information or want to go.


Christmas Pool Sessions and Christmas Rolling competition 2017

Each Christmas we hold a rolling competition with club members trying to complete as many rolls as they can in 30 seconds.  There are different categories (Fastest X Rescue, Paddle rolls and hand rolls in 30 seconds).  It is very informal – Just see Dave Reynolds or Dominic Fahey at the pool (Monday 11th and Monday 18th December 2017) and they will record your attempt.  You are allowed as many goes as you like.  To book Monday 11th December session click here……..

Please note that if a pool session does not appear on the calendar or booking page then it is not available as the pools have early closing of over Christmas.

Halewood Canoe Polo pool (Tuesday 12th and Tuesday 19th December 2017)
If you fancy developing your paddling skills just book on and come along – everything you need is at the pool.  We are always looking for new paddlers to have a go at canoe polo.   To book Tuesday 12th December session click here……..

Broadgreen pool (Tuesday 12th and Tuesday 19th December 2017)
Junior and parents sessions.  To book Tuesday 12th December session click here……..

We are reverting to the old membership system where you log in to the website and pay

Hi All,

In an attempt to streamline the renewal process we have for the last year we have experimented with a recurring subscription method of membership.  While this has been successful for many, a large number of members have had problems during this process.  Consequently we are from today reverting to the old membership system where you log in to the website and pay online each year.   Please note your membership always starts from your renewal date so please feel free to pay before the date of renewal (just click renew account when logged in).  You will never lose any days by paying in advance.

This process will start from today so all those that have recently paid by recurring subscriptions are valid members until their renewal date.  All will have their subscription cancelled over the next few days and will then have to pay manually each year (you should receive a reminder email a week or so before renewal but you can easily check renewal dates by logging in to the account manager – see below)

Many thanks for your continuing membership of the canoe club

Membership team

If you have any problems renewing or upgrading your membership please contact: membership@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk


Adult £20.00 An individual 18 or over
Family £30.00 Adult and Spouse or partner living together and their children under 18
Junior £10.00 Individual under 18 (Must have parent or guardian present at all times)
Vounteer Nominal fee eg Helping to run the club / on Stewardship group / Active Coach etc.
If you would like to change to a volunteer membership please contact: membership@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk

River Severn overnight trip

Karl Leungs organised this weekend jaunt down the mighty river Severn.  We paddled from Shrewsbury Weir to Ironbridge on the first day enjoying a well earned stop at the Riverside Inn.  We made the 24 miles to Ironbridge just as dark fell on us.  Jackson rapids were run in twilight and head torches were needed to navigate to the boat inn and Coalport YHA were we either camped or enjoyed to luxury of the YHA.

The next day we paddled the beautiful valley down to Bridgnorth aided by the swift flowing current.  It was great to see such a variety of boats on the river (opens, sea kayaks, inland tourers, white water boats)

Paddlers comments

Great paddling weekend and thanks to all for the support for the slower paddler and especially Gareth for taking Aleksander on board.  Not sure my shoulders will be the same after getting the Burn to the end though!  Great YHA venue.

Thanks a bunch for organising a fun weekend paddling down the River Severn from Shrewsbury to Bridgnorth including a run through Jackfield Rapids just as the light was fading on Saturday night. A great time was had by all and I really enjoyed meeting some new club members.  Sign me and Carole up on the next trip please Karl.

Hi everyone, I will like to say a big thank you to everyone for turning up this weekend for the Severn trip. Hope you are all home and safe, recuperating after the arduous 24 miles paddling on Saturday I know it was a tough one but you all completed the journey, helping each other as we paddle down to Coalport.

Fantastic trip, on a beautiful river, thank you for organising, perfect timings and a good night at the YHA in Coalport.  I have this picture – always helps to carry a spare boat.

Shrewsbury Weir to Riverside Inn

The village of Uffington was once connected to Monkmoor by ferry. Behind Uffington is the flat-topped Haughmond Hill with its Forestry Commission plantations.  The Shrewsbury to Birmingham Railway Bridge passes over the site of the old Haughmond Abbey fish weir. This is a good example of an extended fish weir, and was the last in operation in Shropshire. Water can be shallow here, so you need to pick your way through stones. This is also the site where Preston Boats rope-ferry used to operate.

Note the two bridges next to each other at Atcham. John Gwynn, the Shrewsbury architect who also designed English Bridge, built the old bridge in 1776. The current road bridge was built in the 1920s.

At the Tern / Severn confluence the remains of a lock wall are visible. The River Tern runs through the grounds of Attingham Hall and Deer Park, now owned by the National Trust.  Attingham Hall was designed by George Stuart in 1783 – 5 for Noel Hill, the first Lord Berwick.

The Severn over the next hundred yards becomes wider and shallower. St Eata’s Church, standing on the banks of the Severn, was built in the 11th century. It is the only church in Britain dedicated to the Celtic St Eata, who was consecrated by the Bishop of Lindisfarne in AD678.

Riverside Inn to Ironbridge
The river flows through a plain and meanders over a sandy bed with views of the Wrekin and Leighton Hall.   At Cressage, it has been claimed that the Pope’s emissary, St Augustine, preached to the Welsh bishop under the Cressage Oak (originally Christ’s Oak, from which the village name derives) which stood for centuries on the site now occupied by the war memorial.

Buildwas Village is on the left and the ruins of Buildwas Abbey on the right. The Abbey is now an English Heritage property and was founded in 1135 as a daughter house of Furness Abbey in Cumbria. The Abbey owned many of the surrounding farms and had its own ironworks. The power station is situated on the right bank. The Albert Edward Railway Bridge, built by John  Fowler in 1863, today carries coal trains fuelling the power station. The Dale End Riverside Park is just after the Ironbridge Rowing Club.

Ironbridge to Bridgnorth
It was at Coalbrookdale in 1709 that Abraham Darby discovered that coke could be used instead of charcoal for smelting iron. This small discovery sparked a revolution that changed the world. Iron could now be made cheaply in large quantities, instead of being dependent on the slow charcoal production process. For a time, the Ironbridge Gorge was the world’s foremost industrial centre.

It was Darby’s grandson who constructed the world’s first bridge made from iron. Cast in 1779, it still spans the Severn at Ironbridge. The industrial scars have healed and the gorge is green once more. The industrial relics have been transformed into a collection of museums, and Ironbridge is now a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site. From the busy Ironbridge Gorge the river enters into quiet and peaceful Apley Forge. This stretch of the river is surrounded by woodland where Kingfishers are regularly seen. The white suspension bridge was built in 1900 to link Apley Park with Linley Station on the Severn Valley Railway. In 912 King Alfred’s daughter, Ethelfled, built Bridgnorth as a fortified township above the Severn. Bridgnorth grew in importance and was a strategic port and crossing place.



Treats Galore at the Halloween Paddle! From Poppy and Ella

Treats Galore at the Halloween Paddle!

Sunday 29th October 2017

At the Halloween paddle there were lots of people dressed up and boats decorated for the occasion. There were wolves, zombies, scary masks and even fake blood! Some boats were decorated with stickers, flags and balloons, there was even a boat decorated with flowers!


We paddled to the slipway by the Albert Dock where we shared cakes, buns, treacle toffee and sweets. Then we paddled around the Albert Dock. It was surprising to see that many people were taking photos and films of us. Maybe we scared them! My favourite part was when we shared the treats.

From Poppy and Ella



Canoe across Scotland talk

HI Folks,

Just wanted to invite you all to a talk I am hosting on November 15th at Hugh Baird University Centre in Bootle. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.4450509,-2.9893966,15.54z

The subject is an across Scotland Canoe trip myself and Nick Cunliffe undertook in July of this year. We began in Mallaig in the West and finished in Perth on the east. The talk itself will be a combination of anecdotes, photos and video footage from trip.

The event is FREE and we would really appreciate your support. If you are interested please click the link below to book a seat (its just so we know how many to set out.)

If you would like to share the link by email or on social media please feel free to do so we are hoping for a big turnout.



Surfing at Crosby – by Paul Harwood

A rather windy surf session at Crosby today. The tide came in much faster than expected. Must remember to carry safety knives. Almost a fishing line incident. Great to see 4 surf kayaks on the water amongst the sea kayaks and river boats.

Posted by Paul Harwood on Sunday, 5 November 2017


Posted by Paul Harwood on Sunday, 5 November 2017