Congratulations to Colin Smith for winning May Photo of the Month Competition

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May 2019

# 1

Taken just before I started my early morning session on the Mersey at Rock Ferry Colin Smith

28 votes (25%)

# 2

Steve Alcock running serpents by Allan Potts

24 votes (22%)

# 3

Our very own ‘Nick of Arabia’ at our LCC coach’s 1st aid by Craig Ellingham

17 votes (15%)

# 4

Greetings from Sunny Wales by Martin Eley

16 votes (14%)

# 5

I have met this young lass a few times now, she rests on the dredging pipe just off shore from Bromborough Colin Smith

14 votes (13%)

# 6

River Mersey Paddle 2019 Kristiaan D Aout

12 votes (11%)

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