Winter Rolling Challenge

Winter Rolling Challenge

For those of you who are new to the club, each winter we have a

rolling challenge. The Aim is to see how many full roll’s (360 degrees) you can make in 30 secs.  Be they paddle, hand, stick, bar or tandem (pairs in the duo) rolls.

This quick test gives you a reference to how good or bad your rolling is getting (if performed annually !!!!!)

Last  Monday a few members had a go.

Well done All

So hopefully see more of you at the pool (2 more weeks until pool closes over Christmas)

Dave Reynolds 

Name Rank Paddle Rolls
Dave Gentle 2 8
Fiona Gentle 5 6
Steve Alcock 1 9
Jonathan Richardson 3 7
Martin Eley 7 3
Dom Fahey 3 7
Peter Walmsley 6 5
Name Rank Bar Rolls
Dan Stancioiu 3 8
Mark Broderick 4 7
John Edwards 1 11
Ellie Clews (Junior) 1 11
Name Rank Alternate side Rolls
Steve Alcock 2 11
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