Xmas Docks Paddle 2017

A total of 22 paddlers arrived at the compound and began decorating kayaks and canoes for this years Xmas Docks Paddle. Not a bad turn out considering the pouring rain. But not discouraged by the inclement weather the group soon set off after first being treated to a demonstration of seal launching from the wooden decking by Craig and young Aleksander Ford.

The group, dressed in traditional red and white, moved steadily through the docks system and into the Albert Dock drawing attention from the visiting public. After a brief paddle around the dock and a rolling demonstration this time by Sarah Gill the group headed for the slipway at the carousel. One by one kayaks and Canoes were hauled onto dry land and lots of festive goodies were unloaded.

Cakes of every description, mince pies, sausage rolls and mulled wine were passed around. Sarah even offered “camel droppings” which seemed quite popular with the group. The mulled wine quickly took effect on Nadia, Sue and Irene who burst into an impromptu dance routine. Britain’s got Talent watch out!!
The winter sun was now shining down making it quite pleasant at the slipway. The atmosphere, regardless of the weather, was of course great. A group photo was taken after waiting for Sarah who was paddling a new Scorpio mk2 HV sea kayak on test by Dom Fahey. Could this be a change of discipline for Sarah??

Threats of blackmailing her with the photographic evidence could be heard as Sarah guided the kayak in.
After filling up with goodies the group headed back and the 2017 Xmas Docks Paddle came to an end. A really nice paddle with excellent company.

Report by – John Fay   More photos……

Christmas Rolling competition (Round 1)

Christmas Rolling competition (Round 1) 11th December 2017

Roll Hand roll  T Rescue  (Boat) T Rescue  (Side) X Rescue
Robin Emley 7 11
Nick Coughlin 7
James Strettle 10
Dave Gentle 8
Stuart Conway 4
Scott Gibson 11
Dominic Fahey 10
Fiona Gardener 6

Puffin Island by Karl Winrow

I probably don’t need to tell anyone it was cold but… in a wet suit with wet boots its another level 😂. To compound matters I tore my neck seal on the cag while stretching it over my fat head 😏.

With only short daylight hours we set off from the beach just before Penmon Priory and headed east toward Puffin island. I could see breaking waves ahead in the channel so we tentatively entered, in the back of my mind was the knowledge that I cannot under any circumstances fall in, so feeling less brave than usual we picked our way through the smaller swells to the island.

On approach we were greeted by the sight of a hundred seals all hauled out on the shrinking beach. It wasn’t long before curiosity got the better of them and we were surrounded😀😀.

We detoured on the way back across to visit the light house before being rewarded with the glimpse of about 3 porpoises fishing in the tide race.

A nice hot lunch was had on the beach (where I decided to leave my camera for the night🤢) and just before leaving I boiled up some seawater to pour in to my boots!!

A short but very rewarding paddle and a chill out weekend..literally 😂😂


Alpine Paddling Holiday in July/ August 2018

I am looking for expressions of interest for anyone who is thinking of joining the Alpine Paddling Holiday in July/ August 2018.   There are places available on the minibus or for you to make your own way out.  Either way, please just reply to the email indicating whether you are interested in a minibus place(s) or self-drive.  The location is ideal for both experienced and less experienced river paddlers.  Sections of Grade 2 to Grade 4+ (5)       More information………

Contact Keith Steer if you would like more information or want to go.


Christmas Pool Sessions and Christmas Rolling competition 2017

Each Christmas we hold a rolling competition with club members trying to complete as many rolls as they can in 30 seconds.  There are different categories (Fastest X Rescue, Paddle rolls and hand rolls in 30 seconds).  It is very informal – Just see Dave Reynolds or Dominic Fahey at the pool (Monday 11th and Monday 18th December 2017) and they will record your attempt.  You are allowed as many goes as you like.  To book Monday 11th December session click here……..

Please note that if a pool session does not appear on the calendar or booking page then it is not available as the pools have early closing of over Christmas.

Halewood Canoe Polo pool (Tuesday 12th and Tuesday 19th December 2017)
If you fancy developing your paddling skills just book on and come along – everything you need is at the pool.  We are always looking for new paddlers to have a go at canoe polo.   To book Tuesday 12th December session click here……..

Broadgreen pool (Tuesday 12th and Tuesday 19th December 2017)
Junior and parents sessions.  To book Tuesday 12th December session click here……..

We are reverting to the old membership system where you log in to the website and pay

Hi All,

In an attempt to streamline the renewal process we have for the last year we have experimented with a recurring subscription method of membership.  While this has been successful for many, a large number of members have had problems during this process.  Consequently we are from today reverting to the old membership system where you log in to the website and pay online each year.   Please note your membership always starts from your renewal date so please feel free to pay before the date of renewal (just click renew account when logged in).  You will never lose any days by paying in advance.

This process will start from today so all those that have recently paid by recurring subscriptions are valid members until their renewal date.  All will have their subscription cancelled over the next few days and will then have to pay manually each year (you should receive a reminder email a week or so before renewal but you can easily check renewal dates by logging in to the account manager – see below)

Many thanks for your continuing membership of the canoe club

Membership team

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