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Chester Weir or “a day at the Weird”

Chester Weir or “a day at the Weird”

The Junior club paddle to Sandy Lane was arranged for Sunday 12th August. We met at the compound and loaded up the kayaks and gear and headed through the tunnel towards Chester. Once at the Sandy Lane car park we met a few others and got changed and onto the water. We paddled down past some large houses with their own boat house and moorings. Chester Canoe Club was on the right while Deva Canoe Cub was on the left. We spotted a Heron on the river bank. Ella kept asking how far it was to the “weird”

Once at the town centre we went over to the edge of the weir. It was about 150m wide with a small amount of water going over it. There were a series of steps on the left (Fish ladder). We slide over one at a time and headed down to the bottom where we practised some ferry gliding and breaking in.

We carried back up the middle of the weir and shot it 4 times. Then the tide came in and gave us a lift back up each step and eventually swept us back to Sandy Lane.

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An Alps trip video from the olden days…can you recognise any rapids? – Mark Benson

An Alps trip video from the olden days…can you recognise any rapids?

Descente en canoë de la Clarée, la Durance et l’Ubaye dans les Alpes françaises en 1962

Canoeing in the bankffipt, durance and ubaye in the French Alps in 1962

Swimmer’s life saved by quick thinking brothers Matthew and Connor O’Donnell, both members of Liverpool Canoe Club.

Swimmer’s life saved by quick thinking brothers Matthew and Connor O’Donnell, both members of Liverpool Canoe Club.

On Thursday, August 2, a man in his 50’s was enjoying an open water swim at Pennington Flash when he became unresponsive in the water but 17-year-old Matthew and 18-year-old Conner, who work for water safety control at Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club, sprang into action.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, sky and outdoorMatthew pulled the man onto his boat and took him back to dry land where the pair began to deliver CPR and mouth-to-mouth. Another swimmer went to the entrance to retrieve the defibrillator.

A total of three shocks were delivered to revive the man and an ambulance was called.
He was taken to Manchester Royal for further treatment and is in a stable condition.

Matthew said: “I noticed that he was unresponsive in the water, so I took him back to land at full power on my boat. I started CPR and mouth to mouth while drying him off then my brother Conner put the defib pads on him and shocked him. The outcome would have been very different if we didn’t have the defibrillator.”
The gentleman remains in Manchester Royal and is in a stable condition.

Since sharing their story, Matthew and Conner have been awarded with a Defibshop Lifesaver Award to recognise their bravery and actions when saving the man’s life.
Defibshop have also donated a new set of electrode pads to ensure the life-saving device continues to be in a ready-for-use condition.
A spokesman for Defibshop added: “We were thrilled to hear that another life had been saved by a defibrillator.
“It’s stories like this that remind us why we do what we do. Quite simply, we save lives.”


Photo of the Month August 2018

Photo of the Month

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August 2018

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Harvey Harwood at Tees Barrage – Fiona Barry

What`s your thoughts !!! – Steve Bond

Zac paddling at Pembroke Weekend – Steve Alcock

Tees Barrage – Sarah Gille getting it back to front – Fiona Barry

Bolton Iron Man – James Duffy

Stand Up Paddling done Upside Down by- Jayne Rigby

July 2018

# 1

Ella at a junior session in Liverpool by Steve Alcock

12 votes (32%)

# 2

4 Mile Bridge by Elle Jackson

10 votes (27%)

# 3

Toasting Marshmallows at Junior Club weekend by Elle Jackson

5 votes (14%)

# 4

The end of another Perfect day by Mark Pawley

4 votes (11%)

# 5

Maddie greets the return of her mistress by Mark Pawley

3 votes (8%)

# 6

Alex Peacock floundering by Steve Alcock

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Junior Dagger Boat for Sale £250

Junior Dagger Boat for Sale £250

HI we have junior Dagger Boat for Sale. We bought it from another club member, but Charlie has hardly used it within that time. It’s been in the pool and dock a couple of times since bought it. Sadly, it’s spent most of its time in the garage so it’s time for someone else to make better use of it x

There will be accessories with it such as spray deck, wetsuits, buoyancy aid and whatever else I can find.

£250 for everything x

pictures aren’t great sorry taken in a rush.


Caroline x



AJ Bell London Triathlon and Kayak Safety by James Duffy

AJ Bell London Triathlon and Kayak Safety by James Duffy

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and waterIt was an awesome but exhausting weekend in London for four intrepid members of Liverpool Canoe Club at the AJ Bell London Triathlon. Dave R, John W, Pete McC and Jim D were part of the safety team. Some 9,400 competitors took to the London Docklands to swim, bike and run the iconic route in temperatures of 30 Celsius with a water temperature of 24.2.

Men’s Results:
1st. Simon Lessing 1.48:17
2nd. Richard Allen 1.50:42
3rd. Richard Jones 1.50:54
4th. Stuart Hayes 1.51:09
5th. Craig Ball 1.51:25

Women’s Results:
1st. Loretta Sellars 2.06:30
2nd. Jess Harrison 2.08:49
3rd. Metaja Simic 2.10:15
4th. Ceris Gilfillan 2.10:45
5th. Heather Williams 2.12:04

There were four different distances available from Super-Sprint, Sprint, Olympic and Olympic Plus, as well as the variety of wave types from team-relay, age-group, youth, mixed, male and female only waves.
Attracting first timers, seasoned amateur triathletes, charity fundraisers, celebrities and elites, London Triathlon still draws huge interest from athletes and spectators alike.
Competition for places at the event was high as ever, particularly following the relocation of the ITU World Triathlon from London to Leeds, making the London Triathlon the capital’s only major triathlon in 2018.
The four members of Liverpool Canoe Club formed part of the safety kayak team of forty kayakers and the full safety team of lifeguards, rib crew and kayakers came to over 65.


For Sale – grey owl voyager paddle – 56” £50

For Sale – grey owl voyager paddle – 56”

Never been used.

Sell for £50

Tel. 07795966942


The paddle has a laminated ash and bass shaft with a cherry pear grip and a cherry, butternut and bass blade.

Grip:  3 ply laminated black cherry, pear shape

Shaft:  3 ply laminated ash and basswood, oval 1 1⁄8” x 1 1⁄16”

Blade:  7 ply laminated cherry, basswood and walnut

Blade Cross Section Style:  cambered

Tip Material & Style:  casting epoxy, straight

Finish:  high gloss exterior polyurethane with a UV block




2018 – Bardsey Island (slides)

2018 – Bardsey Island (slides)

The day before the trip, there was a lot of sea mist. It was to be an early start, and in the morning the mist was dense with visibility of about 100 metres.

Top of Form

GPS track on: Bing Maps Google Maps

Bottom of Form


By 8:15 at the beach we were in sunshine.

But as we reached Pen y Cil, Bardsey came into view shrouded in mist.

As we started the crossing the conditions were benign and we soon made it to Bardsey. Rounding the Northern end of the island the mist had cleared and we were heading south towards the lighthouse.

After rounding the southern tip, the buildings invisible from the mainland, became clear.

Arriving at the Cafn Enlli slipway.

At the cafe we were joined by some locals.

We climbed the path up Mynydd Enlli with views over the farmland.

At the summit the views were superb.

We watched the flood tide racing beneath the cliff.

Then headed back down the ridge.

The day trippers boat came and went frequently and was hauled out of the water by a modified dump truck.

The local seals have a basking area and were on song.

Returning to the mainland.

Completing the trip at Aberdaron.


Celebrating my first roll!

I’m not really one for posting on forums so I thought I’d save my first post for something special.

I joined the club back at the end of May when we moved back to Liverpool.  I’d bought a 14ft Perception Expression a couple of years ago when we lived by the Basingstoke canal in Hampshire but as we were moving to a flat with nowhere to store it, I contacted the club asking if I could store it at the compound.  I also wanted to join the club to improve my kayaking skills.  I found out just this weekend that my brother and I started kayaking roughly at ages 8 and 10 respectively but aside from a little canal paddling  in the last few years, I’ve not really paddled much in the last 33 years or so.

When I was younger, I always wanted to learn to roll, but I never got taught.  I was a skinny little runt back then so could probably not come close to gripping the inside of a kayak, plus they were horrible fibreglass things and I hated itchy knees.

I’ve been to the docks a few times in the last few months, but have regularly attended the pool sessions to refresh my memory of the basics and build my confidence.  As I’ve always been one to try and run before I can walk, over the last few weeks I’ve been trying quite unsuccessfully to roll.  With some help last thursday, I managed to get upright in my Kayak down at the docks, just once mind but I put it down to the help more than anything I did myself.

Tonight however, roughly 35 years after I started kayaking, I’m celebrating my first, second and third rolls, completely unaided.  My technique started off poor but hey, at least I got upright, quite by surprise the first time I might add. My technique then rapidly went downhill after a mixture of two more successful attempts and much more swimming to the side to right myself or bailing out to try again.  I spent the rest of the session failing miserably and cracked my paddle blade using it to help myself up on a few occasions when I had otherwise failed.

I expect now I will fail many more times than i’ll succeed as I try to improve my technique and do things the way people have explained to me, instead of some weird amalgamation of techniques that my feeble body can just about manage.

Many thanks to everyone who has given me tips, advice and help so far.  I am one happy bunny who has just achieved a childhood dream.


River Weaver Midweek Paddle

River Weaver Midweek Paddle

A midweek paddle saw seven meet at the Leigh Arms to paddle the River Weaver.

LCC members Irene Jackson, Dave Allinson, julie Brookes, John Fay and Bob Hamilton were joined by Ste and Julie Fay to paddle the quiet stretch of the River Weaver.

A nice leisurely pace took us to the loch at which point we headed right into the narrower and overgrown branch. Dave described the section as “magical” whilst Julie said it “was like going through the Everglades.”

The paddle from the Leigh Arms to the Weir before the Anderton Boat lift and back was recorded reliably as 9.6 miles on Bobs Garmin 64s GPS.

Back at the Leigh Arms the small group enjoyed nice cool drinks whilst little birds feasted on Dave’s crisps and Julie’s sausage rolls.

Another great day.

Report by

John Fay

More photographs……….