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Karnali River trip – Nepal, 2018 by Nathan Marsden with Tom Morris, Roy Mchale and Mark Young

Karnali River trip – Nepal, 2018 by Nathan Marsden with Tom Morris, Roy Mchale and Mark Young

Finally got around to throwing a little edit together from our trip in Nepal back in November paddling the Karnali River.

Start Point: Dungeswar
Finish Point: Chispani

Day 1 – Long drive from near Nepalgunj to the get in. Left at 5am arrived at river around 11.30 stopped in a crazy village along the way for breakfast of samosa and boiled eggs. River was go from the start big waves trains and the main signal ‘middle middle’. Camp was good, great food and big fire. Camped underneath a tarpaulin.

Day 2 – Easier day today, Sayas let us read and run the rapids. Easy sections of around grade 3-3+ big waves trains, mega fun! Camp f@@king freezing, wind blew through the tarp.

Day 3 – Starting to get to the meat of the rapids. 2 main rapids first called sweetness and light – steady line that was quite easy to get. Some holes to avoid river left but a big wave train down the bottom. Second rapids called Jailhouse big huge hole river right then another in the middle. Line was left at top then over to the right. Tom took a s*** line and swam in second hole, both shoes ripped off and pants half way down 😂 rest of the day steady.

Day 4 – Another big day with 3 main rapids. Gods house (4+) juicer (4) and juicer 2 (flip and strip, 4). Gods house started straight away with a must make line, huge hole on the left then a tongue over to the right. Juicer 2 had a shoot on the left. 2 big  holes in the middle. Line went left, left and left. All followed by 6km of continuous grade 3/4 gorge. Great wave trains with some monster holes to avoid.

Day 5 – Some easy 3 wave trains to get going followed by a stop at a local village to get a fresh pig. Then a long easy paddle to camp. Beach had tiger prints on it!

Day 6 – First section little bit interesting. long day, mellow paddle on mostly flat water but moving. Some easy 2 sections on the bends. 1 big main rapids part way down with some wave trains. Big eddies either side so could play about. Camp great set up with some big logs for a big fire.

Day 7 – Flat. Campsite on an island. Roy, Nathan and Sayas went to local village to get beer and rum. Roy fell smashed 2 bottles of rum and cut his hand. Team made rum punch and great food. Big fire to chill around.

Day 8 – Final paddle was short. Finished in Chisipani village. Had more Dahl Baht for lunch in a little local tea house with farm animals roaming around. 2hr journey on the bus to Nepalgunj airport before flying back to Kathmandu.

Huge thanks to Paddle Nepal!

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Scottish Easter Paddling Holiday based at Kinlochleven – coordinator John Cooke PH50 4SG 18th -22nd April 2019

Scottish Easter Paddling Holiday based at Kinlochleven – coordinator John Cooke PH50 4SG
18th -22nd April 2019
Photos from previous trips…………..
sea kayak Lenne ski
 Location Map - How to get thereWhere is it? Location map  *** PH50 4SG

To book a place on this club weekend please put your name down on the club booking page.

Click here for more information and book a place………….

John Cooke is coordinating the White Water paddling
Ian Bell is coordinating the Sea Kayaking
Opportunities for open boats, skiing, mountain biking and walking

sea kayak

On the West Highland Way in the village of Kinlochleven, this simple hostel is a 3-minute walk from the Ice Factor National Ice Climbing Centre and 7 miles from central Glencoe.

Rustic rooms have en suite bathrooms. There are also camping pods with TVs, kettles and fridges, plus access to a shared shower and toilet block.

Amenities include a full kitchen, a TV lounge, a pool table and free WiFi. There’s a drying room, plus a storage area for bikes.

Address: Old Military Rd, Kinlochleven PH50 4SG

Phone:01855 831253



The area produces excellent white water kayaking, Sea Kayaking and loch touring, good mountain biking, skiing at White Corries ski area, mountain walking and cycling. In the past we have had families joining us to explore the area.


Sardinia Sea Kayaking Trip – Coordinator Kirk Williams


The club sea kayaking trip to Sardinia 25th May to 1st June 2019 with two options to suit all tastes….


To express an interest and to reserve a place please contact Kirk Williams for details

Rustic Gourmet Option: (Deposit £500 by Friday 8th March)
All-inclusive accommodation, food, local wine, kayak gear, transport and guiding. This will involve staying in a fully catered “agriturismo” accommodation with daily sea kayak trips to various top locations around the island. The emphasis here is clearly on comfort but with plenty of getting out and about exploring the stunning Sardinian coastline with our local guide’s knowledge.
This option will cost approx €950 per person for a week (6 paddling days, 7 nights accommodation), excluding only flights (see below) and personal spending (up to you, but only minimal necessary). Everything else is covered.    photo

Salty Sea Dog Option: Deposit £250 by Friday 8th March) 
For those who prefer the expedition feel and freedom of living out of the boat there is also an option to just rent sea kayaks and equipment and head off on a week’s coastal exploration and camping with drop off, route/stopover guidance and pick up from our local guide.
This option will cost approximately €400-450 Euro depending on drop off/pick up point and what gear you want to hire/bring with you (paddles/BA’s, tents, stoves etc) for a week (assuming 6 paddling days, 7 nights “free” camping….), excluding flights and personal spending (this time including food/drink provisions).


For either option the equipment available is good quality (mainly P&H Scorpio plastic sea kayaks, some other options, Lendal paddles etc) 
All equipment, guiding and accommodation options sourced via Clark at Sea Kayak Sardinia 
More details of the Agriturismo accommodation here
Flights are available direct from Manchester to Olbia (eg, EasyJet currently looking around £450 return Sat to Sat), or London airports to Alghero (eg, EasyJet currently looking around £300 return direct Sun to Sun). Blue Air are also planning to operate direct flights from Liverpool starting from Easter and I have requested a group booking estimate from them (details to follow).  




For Sale P&H Cappella composite sea kayak £450

For Sale P&H Cappella composite sea kayak £450

My P&H cappella composite sea kayak is still for sale if anyone is looking for a boat ready for the spring!  It’s a great boat (with lots of room for camping gear and your lunch!), in very good condition and kept in a cosy garage over winter. Working skeg and new deck lines.

I paddled it a few times last year but I don’t have the space to store it at the moment so it’s currently based in Selby, North Yorkshire.

It took a knock to the nose from a previous owner but it was professionally fixed.


Hannah Bellemy

Tel 07743261227

The Mid Wales WW Weekend Day 2 River Elan 10/02/19

The Mid Wales WW Weekend

Day 2 River Elan 10/02/19

It had rained all night and water was running down the road. We had planned to paddle the section of the Wye above Rhayader but levels looked a lot higher than the day before. The river was brown and swollen below Rhayader so having a mixed group we decided to head up the Elan Valley and put on below the Elan Reservoir.

On arrival the water was flowing all across the top of the dam and looked like a white curtain. The rapids below were over bankfull with the river running through the trees. Having not run the river before some took the wise decision not to paddle and head back home early.

Some of us put on above the low footbridge above the town. A desperate ferry across in front of a tree caught on the bridge stanchion. I was then I remembered that I had not zipped up my drysuit! This was quickly rectified as the consequences of a swim with a full drysuit would have be very serious.

Lower down the river soon eased but was still flowing through the trees. It was not long before we came across the confluence with the Wye at the Junction Pool. Here the blue and brown waters were slowly mixing along the eddy C:\Users\KS\Documents\KS Data\Web site\liverpoolcanoeclub\members\Photos\White Water Rivers\Wales\Elan\2019\River Elan 2019 KS 00010.jpg line (just like the Dudh and Sun Koshi) in the 1976 film of the decent of Everest. Looking left we could see Andy`s “railway rapid” from the day before, now just a little washed out.

The two groups bounced and paddled their way down the river Wye, beneath a suspension bridge to the egress at the next road bridge at Llanwrthwl bridge. Although the group made the right decision having now paddled this river high conditions it would have been ideal for the mixed group. Clearly the area has a lot to offer improver paddlers wanting grade 2-3 rivers to explore. There is harder stuff for those looking for a challenge but I am sure the group will return again next year. Thank you to John Cook for organising the weekend.

More Photos…….

The Mid Wales WW Weekend by Jenny Brown

26 km on the River Wye 09/02/19

First day out on the water in mid-Wales after gale force winds and lashing rain all night. There was plenty of water, but the first job was to “suit up!” and dig Craig’s van out of the bottom field.

We paddled the Wye from Rhayader to Builth Wells – 26 km of grade 2 to 3. In the swollen river a new grading system was invented: Silky smooth, Fluffy, Stubbly, Goatie & Full on beardy. We had 14 paddlers running the river in one group. With small suspension bridges overhead and tributaries coming in from the side, the river was wide and bouncy and full of wave trains – and was renamed the “mid-Wales Sun Koshi” by Keith.

After a cheeky roll from Alexander, a surprisingly bouncy grade 2 caught Andy off guard. To warm up we had a bite to eat on the bank. That was the fluffy section completed.

The next section was silky smooth with a surf wave here and there. The brown water of the river Irthon joined from the right – the merging water reminding Keith of the Sun Koshi. We then had another bite and leg stretch on the bank before tackling the 2 “stubbly” rapids before reaching the get out. That evening the rain fell again and Kirk arrived just in time for a cheese butty at the not so nearby pub that doesn’t serve dinner so late. It was big water was on the forecast again for day 2. Did Keith mention it was just like the Sun Koshi?…

More Photos…….

Nepal Sun Koshi Expedition 2018 “Nemeste”

The Full Write-up is now published here…..

Nepal Sun Koshi Expedition – Day 8 (8th April) by Steve Rose

This was our last day on the river and we all packed up quickly and left our beach camp before 8:30am. After a few hundred metres we came across a bamboo raft being drifted downstream by a couple of locals.

Before long we arrived at Baraha Chhetra Temple and we had to get out to look around. There were several stalls selling water and religious items to the many worshipers who descended on the Temple. One of the local traditions was to lift the large stone as this would bring the person luck.

Just around the corner were some large bouncy rapids, with some smooth faced waves. It was not long before we arrived at the suspension bridge and get out. We saw a gecko skating on the water at the get-out. We were keen to get our skates on and packed up the rafts and kayaks and changed into some fresh shorts for the journey home. After 20 minutes or so we arrived at Chatra Village, parked up and went to a local restaurant for a meal of Dal Bhat and beer.

After a quick look around Chatra we climbed back onto the bus and started our long journey back to Kathmandu. We left the paddy fields of Indian plain and treaded our way back to civilisation. We stopped for tea and coffee at the Hôtel United and later at a smart (for Nepal) restaurant with a choice of menu (Dal Bhat/ Momo`s / chow main).

After more hours on the road we eventually stopped over night at the “Mugling Guest house”. Darren missed the opportunity to bag a “good bed” as he was busy texting / Facebooking / Tweeting or all three! This did enable him to share his photos of a Gecko / fleas on his bed!

Bamboo rafts float down the river

Steve tries to lift the lucky stone

The team at the get out

More Photos….