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Club Open Day April 2019

Club Open Day April 2019

Every year the club runs an open day on the last Sunday in April. The event is open to All, young and old, members and non-members,

We have a large range of boats and equipment and our friendly members will be on hand to offer advice or answer any questions you may have. There was a Paddling Tour of the Docks, Rolling competition, races and events. We also had a “bring and buy” sale for any canoe or kayaking gear. Go Kayaking were there with their demo-fleet to try and buy.

Ella Clews was the official photographer for the event and has produce a fantastic set of photos capturing the day. Members can see all of the on the media > club photos page……

For Sale Sea Kayak Capella 169-P&H-Glass fibre & Diolen-16ft 9″ £1,100

For Sale Sea Kayak Capella 169-P&H-Glass fibre & Diolen-16ft 9″ £1,100 ono

£1,100 ono

Sea Kayak Capella 169-P&H-Glass fibre & Diolen-16ft 9″

Water tight, good condition with a few launch scratches to hull, see photos. New deck lines and keel strip fitted last year. •

Width 22″ (56cm) •

Weight in Diolen 51.7 lbs (23.5 Kg) •

Cockpit dimensions 15.75″ by 29″ (40 by 74cm) •

Capacity 140 to 266 lbs (65 to 120 kg)

The Capella is an exploration kayak suitable for all paddlers, from beginners to the more experienced. The Capella provides an excellent balance between speed and stability. The Capella’s 56cm (22″) beam means that it falls in the middle of our sea kayak width range. It is ideally suited to all round sea kayaking or sorties across bays yet retains enough manoeuvrability for relaxed coastal exploring. This kayak is ideal for taking advantage of many different experiences that sea kayaking has to offer and is a favourite choice for many paddlers around the world. The Capella comes fitted as standard with an excellent retractable skeg system and comfortable adjustable seat. Other features include 2 large watertight hatches and one day hatch, adjustable footrest, backrest, deck lines and chart elastics. It is constructed with a glass fibre deck and glass and diolen hull.

Contact Trevor Strain
Email: trevorstrain AT

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For Sale Valley Aquanaut HV Sea Kayak Roto Moulded PE £800 ono

For Sale Valley Aquanaut HV Sea Kayak Roto Moulded PE £800 ono

£800 ono

Valley Aquanaut HV Sea Kayak Roto Moulded PE

Good condition, with a few usual lunching scratches and a repair to the left thigh brace , see photos. Stable, fast and good turning when edging.

Length: 536cm (17’7″)

Width: 57cm (22.5″)

Approx Capacity: 165-295lbs

Weight: 26.5kg (58lbs)

This is ideal for paddlers requiring a fast, comfortable, all-round sea kayak. Is ideal for paddlers requiring a fast and comfortable all-round sea kayak, suited to average sized paddlers and above, it can carry substantial loads for overnight trips and maintains a reassuring feel. The hull maintains a shallow-V shape which gives the boat excellent secondary stability and reasonable primary stability.

Contact Trevor Strain
Email: trevorstrain AT

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Tryweryn weekend by John Cooke

Tryweryn weekend by John Cooke

Image result for river tryweryn

With the Tryweryn not releasing over the weekend and rain forecast we arrived at the campsite late afternoon to find Craig E was already set up, pitching the tents in the pouring rain was not an enjoyable experience, Craig and Alexsander arrived complete with gazebo which was erected and used as our dining room for tea. Later on, Dom arrived with a large family tent that we converted in to the party tent and would be the saving grace of the weekend. By now with an ever-increasing number of tents/vans we were building a Tryweryn village.

Saturday morning and not much sleep due to the rain pouring all night, other paddlers joined us and unfortunately the sheer weight of water on the gazebo had made it collapse, no more dining room!

The good news was the river was in fact 20cm higher than if they had actually released and 14 paddlers split in to two groups set off for a paddle which would take 3 hours, we were back on schedule for the original purpose off the trip. With a shuttle back to the campsite we all went to the cafe at the Tryweryn for some lunch.

Lunch done and dusted and some new paddlers on site it was time for a second run, the rain had stopped and the river was dropping quickly so the second lap was done in just over an hour. Mission complete, back to the campsite for a shower and barbeque with a couple of drinks thrown in for good measure, the party tent was utilised later on until it was time for bed.

Sunday morning and it had been decided to go to the Dee as this was on the way home for most people, and it was running at a high medium level so plenty of water for the group. It was immediately obvious that there was plenty of water as Serpent’s was washed out, plenty of big waves to push through or over and a couple of people got caught out and took an early bath.

Down past JJ’s and unusually there was no one on the bottom wave, it too was washed out so onwards down to town falls, A group of four opted for the easier route down through arch number 2 and waited by the bridge for the rest to come down. All safely through it C:\Users\KS\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\566C53BE.tmp was a great end to the days paddle.

Well done to Alexsander, he actually went under water a couple of times when pushing through the big waves on the Dee. Dom was pretty pleased to have nailed his first run of town falls and celebrated with a few whoops!  Neil was pretty excited as well; I don’t think he had done it before so well done to everyone on the trip that had done Bala Mill/serpents or town falls for the first time.

Despite the rain and the Tryweryn not releasing I didn’t have to revert to plan B., Good job really as I didn’t have a plan B.

The aim of the weekend was to introduce people to some new rivers and push them to try new stuff, I think we achieved what we set out to do and everyone seemed to enjoy it, hopefully we can do another trip in the future and I think the Tryweryn weekend may become an annual event .


Liverpool International Canoe Polo Tournament by Craig Ford

Liverpool International Canoe Polo Tournament by Craig Ford

The weekend of 1st and 2nd June saw Liverpool Canoe Club enter two polo teams into the open age class 3 & 4 along with the U16 youth team.  Once the final details were published the U16 team (Aleksander, Dean, Harvey, JJ, Myles) was placed in the class 4 with LCC Coburg (Ben, Craig, Keith, Mark, Mike, Norman, Paul) with a head to head tie between the two teams for Sunday morning.

This meant that our new youth team in their first tournament was placed to play against a couple of other youth teams and 8 adult teams from around the UK. Whilst the weather was relatively bleak the results from Saturday saw LCC Coburg and the U16 team tied in first place overnight.  By the end of the round robin the U16s were placed second leaving them playing for 1st or 2nd place.  With blustery conditions prevailing the U16s had a fantastic performance and should feel proud to finish runners up against much more experienced adult opposition.

LCC Coburg in their inaugural outing as a team finished 6th with a spirited set of performances.

Meanwhile LCC Brunswick (Aaron, Callum, John, Josh, Luke, Sam) were placed against Div3 teams including a GB Development team gathered from top players around the UK.  Again hard fought battles saw their efforts rewarded with a 3rd place trophy.

Well done to everyone for their efforts.  Bring on the Hull tournament in 3 weeks time!

Craig Ford

Arisaig May 2019 A bit more by John Fay and Bob Hamilton

Arisaig May 2019 A bit more by John Fay and Bob Hamilton

Arisaig is about 350 miles from Liverpool and despite having booked a superb cottage with all Mod Cons, for our weeks stay, the original though of getting on the water on our arrival soon paled. Even though it was on the doorstep.


A quick cuppa and a rest followed by emptying the van, was more needed than carrying kayaks over the beach. Our accommodation at Invercaimbe was, we had found, very popular and while trying to get optimum tide times for our week was not possible, that actually gave us no real problems.

Our first few forays around the area where just great fun. The forecast was never for strong winds, but we always seemed to get more than anticipated and it gave us the chance to play close to “home”.


There is a stream right past the farm, which looked to be a good place to put in>>>>>>>>>Errr, not so good as it was very shallow as we tried to paddle downstream Ha Ha.

Anyway a few good sessions in varying conditions where had, including a visit to Arisaig Marina which proved to be a bit of a slog and with no suitable place to get out for a leg stretch. The beach here is most inhospitable with foul smelling mud, boulders and seaweed. A retreat to a crushed coral beach was made on our return for a break and some shelter from the breeze. Some seals found us of interest here.

A favourite area of mine has been Loch Nan Uamh, putting in at an ideal location about ½ mile North of the railway viaduct featured in “Harry Potter” unfortunately we were advised by a local fisherman that the owner of the land had changed hands and that there could be problems if we parked there. We took a chance and all was well, but on our return the new owner arrived and made it clear that the land was private!!!!!

The fisherman that we spoke with advised of two places to visit, on our paddle here, both of which we found. A cave and a Bothy. My mountaineering skills were not up to the final bit of the Bothy visit, but the lads spent some time in there, while Sue and I relaxed on the hillside.


Loch Ailort is another favourite place, although it has had its moments conditions wise. We put in at another well used place that is just a short distance from the fish farms, Inverailort. We would normally go only about 4 miles and return but on this occasion, we went a bit further to an island, Eileen nan Gobhar. Butties and drinks were consumed here and spirits were high. The sea was like a mirror. Roger, Anthony and John were up for paddling right back to home, whereas Sue, Martin and I were going to return to the cars. Sue wanted to follow the lads for short distance and it was really PERFECT conditions. The sort you just don’t get twice. I put it to Sue that we could maybe continue with the lads, which we did.

The tide was on the Ebb and it seemed that we were not making any progress. We were, but in the middle of The Sound of Arisaig it was not obvious. Eventually we reached Luing Mhor and unfortunately it was drying out. A decision was made to carry the kayaks over the sand a short distance. Not a problem???? Except that I tripped on an unseen rock and ended up with a painful shoulder injury.

Not enough to cause major problems??? Off we set through the skerries again only to find conditions changing quite dramatically. Suffice to say any pain from my shoulder was totally forgotten and I was just happy to be making progress.

Sue always amazes me with her ability and confidence, but full marks to Martin for his performance that day.

We reached home without incident, where I kissed the beach Ha Ha.

After getting the kayaks on shore and safe. A Taxi was ordered to retrieve the cars.

Loch Moidart and Castle Tioram was another location paddled. The potential problem here relates to the fact that the area dries right out at low water. I decided that I would go back rather than risk a long carry over the sand. Sue and Martin followed but Roger Anthony and John did a circuit of the bay out to Farquhar’s Point and back to a potential put in on the A861.

On our return by car, we looked at that place and wrote it off. There were two paddlers there and they suggested a better place about ½ mile South East








LCC Pembroke weekend – Saturday Paddle around Ramsey Island

The weather was ideal, stable high pressure and winds forecast to be less than force 4. The group decided to paddle from Porth Clais and take the remaining flood tide (Neaps) out and around the outside of Ramsey Island. There was always an option to bail and head down the inside of the sound if things looked a little rough.

We ferried across to the end of Ynys Elun and surveyed Midland Gap. The tide was tailing off and we thought we could all slip through and then down the outside of the island. Although there was little wind, we did have a sizable swell running and this combined with the tide created a small race between the gap. We slipped through without any upset but it did give rise to some interesting water.

The tide swept us along past some tall cliffs with waves breaking in places. Some considered making a landing on Aber Mawr (a large west facing beach with large cobbles). We decided against this as landing and launching would be a little challenging

Next came several large caves with deep passages together with a few arches. The group worked its way around the north end of the island and once on the sheltered east side found several beaches – the sun was out, lunch started and stoves roared. We spent a little while in the sun waiting for the tide to swing round and ebb through the sound. Some overfalls started to run in the middle of the sound and discussion centered around horse rock and its subsequent overalls.

Before long we took to the water again and explored the features around the landing / pier on the island. We even threaded the “bitches rocks”. Hardly any tide was running as we made our way back to the mainland and Porth Clais. The Ice Cream Café in the car park enjoyed some investment while we reflected on an excellent day’s paddle.

Paddlers; Mark P, Nikki A, Martin A, Martin, Keith S, Ian B, Andy G, Anthony V

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Anglesey Weekend 1 2019 – Stacks & Skerries

Saturday from Porth Dafarch around the Stacks and back

Nikki and Martin with South Stack in the distance.

Parliament House Cave – Martin points at the roof.

The Otter looking for food at Penryn Mawr

Sunday from Church Bay out to the Skerries and back.

Andy and Nikki with the Skerries Light in the Distance

I didn’t get a picture of the puffins or the porpoise but I did get a picture of the otter 🙂