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Registration for Swim Event Safety Kayak Supervision for Triathlons, Swim-Runs etc. by Jim Duffy

Registration for Swim Event Safety Kayak Supervision for Triathlons, Swim-Runs etc. by Jim Duffy

Registration for Swim Event Safety Kayak Supervision for Triathlons, Swim-Runs etc.
Swim Safety, one of the biggest swim event companies in the country, have published a calendar of provisional event dates for 2019 available to view below. These provisional dates are a guide for kayaker who are interested. Swim Safety will be officially opening 2019 recruitment on the registration system in March 2019.

Swim Safety are always looking for kayakers to join the event water safety teams. Kayakers need to be at 2 Star or above standard or hold a Swim Event Safety Award. If you’ve not worked with Swim Safety before and would like to you can register on their online registration system. By registering with Swim Safety you will receive all notifications regarding 2019 recruitment.

Save the Date – Provisional Pre-Season Training Day Dates
Swim Safety have reserved Saturday 27th April for pre-season training days. The format including exact sessions we will run and timings are still being finalised but the dates will be as follows –

North – near Manchester, Venue TBC – Saturday 27th April 2019

New to Kayak Supervision of Triathlons, Swim-Runs etc?
If you are new to kayak safety swim supervision you might like to register for the kayak team for the Bolton Ironman on Sunday 14th July at Pennington Flash or the Warrington Dolphins Royal Albert Dock Open Swim which is held in late August. There are usually about 15 Liverpool Canoe Club members who make up part of a team of 45 kayakers and so you would know some of the people involved and it’s a great experience despite the 5.00am start!

If you have any further questions you could email me at
Jim Duffy


Winter Rolling Challenge

Winter Rolling Challenge

For those of you who are new to the club, each winter we have a

rolling challenge. The Aim is to see how many full roll’s (360 degrees) you can make in 30 secs.  Be they paddle, hand, stick, bar or tandem (pairs in the duo) rolls.

This quick test gives you a reference to how good or bad your rolling is getting (if performed annually !!!!!)

Last  Monday a few members had a go.

Well done All

So hopefully see more of you at the pool (2 more weeks until pool closes over Christmas)

Dave Reynolds 

Name Rank Paddle Rolls
Dave Gentle 2 8
Fiona Gentle 5 6
Steve Alcock 1 9
Jonathan Richardson 3 7
Martin Eley 7 3
Dom Fahey 3 7
Peter Walmsley 6 5
Name Rank Bar Rolls
Dan Stancioiu 3 8
Mark Broderick 4 7
John Edwards 1 11
Ellie Clews (Junior) 1 11
Name Rank Alternate side Rolls
Steve Alcock 2 11

For Sale Various kit – Cags, BAs and spraydecks

For Sale Various kit

I have a few items for sale. I live in Liverpool so could meet up or you could pop by.

Matt Giblin

Palm Bora in a Large. The Cag is in excellent condition. £100


Palm Aegean, Large again good condition £45


Palm Kaikoura, large. One of the main pockets is seized so only looking for £40 you may be able to fix it.


New Palm Impact spraydeck. M/L waist size 4 deck. £60


Paddling Film Festival 21st November 2018 at the Liverpool Marina

Paddling Film Festival 21st November 2018 at the Liverpool Marina

Last chance to buy a ticket online and join us for tomorrows film festival.  The Alaska Sea Kayaking and Indus WW films are especially good.   Films start at 7:30pm – online tickets will be at the door.
See you all there.  Click here to reserve your seat..

We will be showing the best short films from this year`s entry.  This is the only UK showing of this unique collection of films – £5 (if booked in advance). £10 on the door
Do not miss this great chance to see these films. Click here to reserve your seat..


CATEGORIES: Whitewater • DURATION: 20:20

Follow adventure kayakers Aniol Serrasolses, Mike Dawson and Ciaran Heurteau as they venture into the

Rondu Gorge on the Indus River in Northern Pakistan to take on extreme whitewater.
This is the story of their eight-day journey through the gorge.

DIRECTOR: Ciaran Heurteau • PRODUCER: Mike Dawson

CATEGORIES: Whitewater • DURATION: 26:59
Three National Geographic Adventurers Of The Year embark on an insane kayaking mission in Greenland.
Using kite skis, they tow their whitewater kayaks over 1,000 kilometers on the Greenland Ice Cap to reach the
most northern river ever paddled.

DIRECTOR: Jochen Schmoll • PRODUCERS: Red Bull Media House, Drehxtrem


CATEGORIES: Whitewater DURATION: Duration Time 2:59

Find the seam of the fold and you’re in. Jim Snyder waltzes along nature’s turbulent mysteries in his

prototype squirt boat under the Cheat River Narrows in West Virginia. Charging Arc is the observer’s path

through the water in relation to everything else.




ConverSESSIONS peers into the minds and surng of three standup paddleboarding legends: Dave Kalama,

Colin McPhillips and Dave Boehne.

DIRECTOR: Brent Deal



For Banff locals, Don Gardner is a name associated with legendary climbs and epic ski traverses. Don’s

Canoe is a simple short A life well-lived shapes this beautiful canoe.

DIRECTOR: Leanne Allison

CATEGORIES: Sea Kayaking • DURATION: 12:08
World champion kayaker Ken Whiting travels to Juneau, Alaska, to paddle with whales, bears,
glaciers and icebergs on a multi-day sea kayaking adventure.DIRECTOR: Anthony Poulin • PRODUCERS: Ken Whiting, Brendan Mark

SKYE’S THE LIMITCATEGORIES: Sup • DURATION: 14:37The story of one woman’s solo circumnavigation of the Isle of Skye, Scotland, on a standup paddleboard. The

adventure serves to highlight the effects of plastic pollution on even stunning, remote and wild places, and

brings positive and engaging solutions to the issue. The lm follows Cal Major’s epic ocean voyage,

vulnerable to Scotland’s famous winds, waves and tidal races. Featuring beautiful scenery, wildlife, farm

animals and Tunnocks teacakes.

DIRECTORS: James Appleton, Cal Major • PRODUCERS: James Appleton, Cal Major

CATEGORIES: Canoeing • DURATION: 3:55Part of an instructional series produced in partnership with the American Canoe Association. Ken Whitingtakes a look at choosing an appropriate paddling location, using the power of your torso and learning to be

prepared for the unexpected in The Golden Rules of Canoeing.



CATEGORIES: Canoeing • DURATION: 03:42Completed in 2006, the 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT) connects waterways from New Yorkstate’s Adirondack Park all the way to the Canadian border in northern Maine. Following traditional travel

routes used by Native Americans, settlers and guides, the NFCT connects 22 rivers and streams, 58 lakes and

ponds and 45 communities. It is the largest inland water trail in America. Filmed during a 2017 thru-paddle by

Adventureitus Productions.

DIRECTOR: Austin Graham • PRODUCER: Brad Tallent

CATEGORIES: SUP • DURATION: 04:55Local SUP surfers, Emre Bosut and Glen Pearson, discuss the experience of living and surng in Tono,British Columbia.

DIRECTOR: Kelsey Thompson • PRODUCER: Blacksh Paddles


December 2018 Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month
Congratulations to Michael O’Rourke for his winning photograph for November Photo of the Month – Please vote for your favourite for December

Please send any photos to

December 2018
Click here to see the photos and to vote for your favourite.

November 2018
# 1

Sarah Gille swimming Château-Queyras gorge – Michael O’Rourke

25 votes (37%)

# 2

Tees Barrage – Paul Harwood in a C1 – By Fiona Barry

14 votes (21%)

# 3

Andy prepares some whisky on the rocks – Keith Steer

10 votes (15%)

# 4

Happy birthday – Kathy Morton

7 votes (10%)

# 5

Welcome home Frankie, if only for one day – Kathy Morton

7 votes (10%)

# 6

Jim forgets something – Kathy Morton

5 votes (7%)

Wigan Top Lock to Chorley by – John Fay

Wigan Top Lock to Chorley by – John Fay

Haigh Hall, Fredericks Ice Cream parlour and the Boatyard (double decker) Bus Cafe were a couple of the sites we enjoyed on our 15.5 mile return journey from the Wigan top lock to Chorley.





This part of the Leeds/Liverpool canal was one section we hadn’t done before but apparently it was ten miles lock free.

Julie Brookes and myself met at a respectful 10:30am and unloaded kayaks. I had decided to take Penny the Jug so was on a sit-on-top kayak whilst Julie has her trusty Flex. As most members know Penny has a dislike of anything of the bird variety and it was this that led to her first swim. Barking at the ducks, before we had even launched, we heard a plop. Looking into the canal we could just make out Penny’s head covered in green algae and brown leaves. She looked like a soldier with a camouflage helmet on.

After rescue one we were off. This was a really nice stretch of canal. On one of our recent Weaver paddles I posted a photo of us paddling through thick green duckweed which just looked like a carpet covering the water. This time the water in places was covered in brown leaves so thick that they almost stopped our kayaks dead.

The canal towpath was quite busy with cyclists and walkers and one lady dismounted her bike to take photos of us. She said that she wanted a hobby that both her and her husband could do together and like the look of our kayaks. Well, you never know, we might have inspired a couple of new kayak members.

By the time we arrived in Chorley we knew that we would be making the return journey in the dark. The old “let’s just see what’s around the next bend” mentality has it’s consequences!!

Anyway, we arrived safely back and we didn’t experience any disasters apart from another swim by Penny. A mistimed jump ended in her scraping down the side of the canal bank and into the water again much like those cartoon characters who gouge marks as they fall helplessly to their fate.

This was another relaxing paddle in great company.

Report by – John Fay















OC1/C1 Canoeing – The Lune by Paul Harwood

OC1/C1 Canoeing – The Lune

24 OC1 and C1 canoes with just 2 kayaks. Some good water levels provided some good fun amongst a mass paddle of canoes.

Paul Harwood

For Sale Valley Etaine 17.7 £1500

For Sale Valley Etaine 17.7

I am regrettably selling my lovely Valley Etaine 17.7. It has a white hull and creme deck with black fittings. The boat is a few years old but has hardly been used due to a shoulder injury. There are a few light scratches on the hull, more from handling than use, but no big scratches, gouges or chips to the gel coat. There is no keel strip fitted as I put one of those self-adhesive ones on and it was utter rubbish. I took it off but have not paddled the boat since.

£1500 I also have a load of other sea related gear such as paddles (two sets of bent shaft split Lendles), Dry suit (Palm – the yellow one!) cags, deck tow etc.

Give me a bell on 07833030065 to discuss.

Dave C – AKA Donny