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Canoe and Kayaking Challenge Ladder

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The course

Racing KayaksLiverpool Canoe Club Canoe and Kayak Challenge Ladder.

The idea is challenge another member higher on the ladder to a race around the course and the first one back wins the challenge. The course is from the bridge in Coburg Dock north to Salthouse Dock and anticlockwise around the bandstand and return. (2.27Km)

The Rules:
The paddler who is challenging can decide on the type of canoes or kayaks to be used (eg creek boats, sea kayaks, opens, polo boat, racing kayak etc). These should be similar in type and two available. If both are borrowed from the club the person being challenged has first choice over which boat to paddle (ie the best one of the pair). 

To join the ladder just challenge someone near the base of the ladder and then send the result to

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