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2018 "Paddling Film Festival" supported by Reel Media - Ontario
Wednesday 21st November 2018
(Liverpool`s only showing for this world tour of paddling films from Ontario)

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Reel PaddlingPurchase your ticket now as places are limited. £5.00 (in Advance)
7:30pm - 10:00pm
(Seats are limited but spare tickets may be available at the door - cost £10.00)

This is an electronic booking and your ticket can be collected at the door on arrival.

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 We will be showing all 5 category winning films along with a selection of other short films covering all aspects of paddle sports (10 short films in all.

This is a must see event for club members as we will be showing 10 of the best films from this year including 5 or the category winning films.  This year it includes films from Tomass Marnics, Kayak Essentials, Sean Cahil and Jon Hynes.......


For more information of the world tour and short previews of the films

 Venue: Liverpool Marina L3 4BP
Parking is in the large car park
in front of the club.
Enter your reg at the machine at the bar to get 3 hours free parking

Liverpool Marina
Coburg Wharf
Sefton Street
L3 4BP

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Reel Paddling Film Festival – 14th November at the Liverpool Marina   

  10 of the best short films from this year’s entry.  This is the only UK showing of this unique collection of films – £5 (if booked in advance).   
Do not miss this great chance to see these films. Click here to reserve your seat…..

BOTELLA - 5m 17s

The Rio Alseseca in Mexico descends from a dormant volcano high above Veracruz in a ceaseless torrent of waterfalls. It’s a wildly majestic river that is one of the most unique in the world. Beloved as a paddler’s playground, the river plummets its way through towns and villages, which fill its banks and eddies with filth and forgotten things. A legion of paddlers believe a race through this beautiful waterscape might be the best way to save it.


What is it that draws us to water? Why do thoughts of rivers, lakes and oceans invade our daydreams and keep us lying awake at night? Is it the thrill of adventure, the solitude of wild places, or the friendships made along the way? It’s all of these things, and many more. Drawn to Water, the latest film from NRS, explores the inspiration that rivers, lakes and oceans bring to our lives. 

DIRECTOR: Skip Armstrong, PRODUCER: Jacob Boling and Mark Deming

EYES OF GOD - 24m 33s
(WINNER: Whitewater Film, sponsored by Ottawa Valley)

Thirty-three-year-old Tomass Marnics from Latvia has put together an international team of extreme kayakers. Together they plan to descend the legendary Saryjaz River. The expedition will take the adventurers directly to the Eyes of God, a mystical cliff face reminiscent of an enormous human face, in theno-man’s land between Kyrgyzstan and China.


(WINNER: Sea Kayaking Film, sponsored by Trak

Discover the experiences of Irish paddlers, Sean Cahil and Jon Hynes, as they complete their lifelong dream to circumnavigate the rugged wild Atlantic coastline of Ireland. Many have paddled this famed coast but this duo brings it to life with this visually stunning, informative and often funny documentary. The message is clear: “Drop what you’re doing, and go chase your dream adventure!”

DIRECTOR: Jon Hynes, PRODUCER: Cian Walsh

(WINNER: Instructional Film, sponsored by Thompson Rivers University)

Sea Kayak Essentials Volume 2 is a valuable resource for sea kayakers wishing to paddle safely in open-water conditions, develop problem avoidance strategies and effective rescue techniques.

PRODUCER: Matthew Giblin and Nick Cunliffe

THE CANOE - 26m 21s
(WINNER: Canoeing Film, sponsored by Silverbirch)

“If it is love that binds people to places in this nation of rivers and in this river of nations, then one enduring expression of that simple truth is surely the canoe.” —James Raffan, adventurer, acclaimed author and director emeritus of the Canadian Canoe Museum. This short documentary film captures the remarkable bond created by Canada’s well-loved national symbol—the canoe. Illustrated by the stories of five paddling enthusiasts across the province of Ontario, Canada, viewers see firsthand how the canoe fosters connection between families, landscapes, traditional Canadian cultures and our inner selves. The film underscores the strength of the canoe and human spirit, and how the canoe is a vessel for creating deep and meaningful connections. This film is a reflection of what Canadian canoe culture looks like today.


WHY - 6m 43s
In the GoPro age, images of extreme feats flood social media streams. Climbers, slackliners, mountain bikers and paddlers do things that appear to most people insane, and the action may seem empty when we don’t understand the motivation behind it. Why, we ask. Why do they do this? WHY goes beyond the spectacle of extreme kayaking in search of an elusive answer.

DIRECTOR: Hugo Clouzeau, PRODUCER: We Are Hungry 

UP SURFING BARBADOS - 9m 34s (WINNER: SUP Film, sponsored by Pelican)

Explore the varied and dramatic landscape of the beautiful island of Barbados in search of the perfect wave. From the white sand beaches of the populated Southwest to the rugged coastline and world-class breaks of the northeast, Jimmy, Casi, Matt and Connor are welcomed by colorful locals in town and on the waves.

Producer – Heliconia,  Director:  Anthony Poulin

YouTube previews of some of the films.......

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