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Freestyle - White Water Rodeo - Play Boating

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 Freestyle - An Introduction
 Play Boating Photographs **
 Freestyle Tricks and Techniques ***

Play Boating
or White Water Rodeo
or Freestyle ?
youth freestyle


 Local Play Spots
 Please email more NW suggestions
 Stanley Embankment ****
 Chester Weir
 Chester Weir from Sandy Lane Members only area
 Mile End Mill, Llangollen, North Wales (Nomads)
 Arnside bore and viaduct
 River Brathay (Skelwith Force Looping wave) *
 Halton Rapids
 The Burrs Site
 River Tryweryn ***
 River Washburn near Harrogate **
 The Dee Bore *
 Workington Weir
 Teeside Whitewater Course *
 Holme Pierpont  *
 Play Spots England
 Play Spots Wales
 External links to Freestyle  **

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